And The Winners Keep On Comin’!

It might be the end of October already, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the hole in one winners have stopped rolling in!

Take Bob Anderson, for example.  Anderson, from Marquette, MI, won a $500 Visa Gift Card at the Kiwanis Golf Tournament at Wawonowin Country Club in Champion, MI.

Anderson was able to ace the 185-yard 16th hole with his 5 wood, scoring him an extra $500 compliments of Hole In One International.  It may not have been the brand new 2011 Chevy Cruze on hole #4 which was won, but thanks to Hole In One International’s complimentary auxiliary prizes which are provided on every par 3 above 135 yards, he didn’t leave the tournament empty-handed!

Congratulations, Bob… we hope you enjoy your earnings!

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