Hole In One International offers a variety of free educational resources including information on hole in one insurance planning, how to run a million dollar shoot-out, a guide to running a putting contest and how to run a successful golf tournament. You will also find brochures for both Hole In One International and our sister company, Odds On Promotions, for your contest insurance needs.

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Guides and Planners

Need to raise more money for your cause, sell more sponsorships and attract more golfers to your event? Looking to get maximum impact for your golf tournament sponsorship or add the thrill of jaw-dropping, eye-popping prizes to your corporate golf outing? Ready to make your member/guest event even more memorable? Hole In One International’s Hole In One Insurance Planner will help you choose the right hole in one promotion for your event.
Planning and running a successful company, charity or golf course tournament needn’t be a hassle! This free golf tournament planning guide from Hole In One International makes it easy to achieve success. From selecting the right course for your golf outing, to what to say in your post tournament thank-you letters, this guide will put you on the road to running a successful and memorable golf event.
Hole In One International insures both single and three-putt combination putting contests. Learn more about which putting contest is right for your event.
Stay up-to-date on safety suggestions and guidelines from golf industry organizations to help you ensure participants' safety at your upcoming event.
Learn how to run a profitable, fundraising million-dollar golf shoot-out.


Hole In One International gives you the ability to offer every player in your golf tournament the chance to win life-changing prizes like luxury cars, brand new houses — even $1,000,000 — without the risk of payout.
Hole In One International’s sister company, Odds On Promotions, gives you the ability to up the ante during your next contest, game, marketing campaign, promotion, you name it! You can offer fabulous prizes worth millions of dollars without the risk of a payout.


Apply for weather insurance and avoid letting Mother Nature ruin your day!