Putting Contest Insurance

How Much Does Putting Contest Insurance Cost?


To calculate the price of your putting contest prize package coverage, please be prepared to provide us with three pieces of information:

  1. Whether you are interested in running a single-putt putting contest or a three-putt combination putting contest.
  2. If a single-putt, the number of finalists you’d like to have. If a combination, the total number of participants in your event.
  3. The distance of the grand prize putt.
  4. The value of your putting contest prize.

You can see how each of these variables affects the price of a prize package:

Putting Contest Insurance Coverage Matrix


 Putting Contest Prizes and Costs

Prize Packages for as Little as $180!

Putting Contest Grand PrizeSingle Putt
1/3/5 Players
Three-Putt Combo
72/100/144 Players
$5,000 Hawaiian Vacation$236/$648/$1,060$180/$236/$326
$10,000 Home Entertainment System$442/$1,266/$2,090$326/$442/$623
$12,000 Pebble Beach Golf Vacation$524/$1,513/$2,502$385/$524/$741
$15,000 Harley-Davidson Motorcycle$648/$1,884/$3,120$474/$648/$919
$20,000 Smart Car$854/$2,250/$4,150$623/$854/$1,216
$25,000 Cash$1,060/$3,120/$5,180$771/$1,060/$1,513
$30,000 Sea Doo 180 Challenger SE$1,266/$3,738/$6,210$919/$1,266/$1,809
$35,000 Ford F-150 Lariat$1,472/$4,356/$7,240$1,068/$1,472/$2,106
$40,000 Toyota Highlander Hybrid$1,678/$4,974/$8,270$1,216/$1,678/$2,403
$50,000 Cash$2,090/$6,210/$10,330$1,513/$2,090/$2,996

Package pricing is based on amateur golfers only and a minimum grand prize putt length of 50 feet. Prices include prize coverage, contest sign, and a FREE tee prize for everyone in the event. Witness requirements apply. Prices subject to change.


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