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So, you think 135 yards is too long? Well, how about 50 feet? That's right, you can now buy putting contest insurance for a 50 foot or longer putting contest for as little as $150. Before, during, or after your tournament, our single or three-putt combination putting contests are sure to create excitement for all your participants.

Single-Putt Putting Contest


Single-Putt Putting Contest This putting contest is designed to give a select number of finalists the chance to one putt for all the dough! Qualify 1-5 lucky contestants to participate by having a putt-off, closest to the hole putting contest, or better yet, a raffle to raise money for your cause. Gather the crowd to the putting green, set up a 50-foot or longer putt, and watch your finalists try to realize their childhood dreams. Anybody can make one putt!

Three-Putt Combination Putting Contest


Three Putt Combo Putting ContestThis putting contest will give everybody in your golf tournament the chance to be a hero. Here is an example: Make a 10 footer, win a sleeve of balls (provided by a sponsor). Move on and make a 30 footer, win a golf shirt (once again, provided by a sponsor). While you're hot, make a 50 foot or longer putt and win a new car (this time, provided by Hole In One International).

Free Putting Contest Sign


Free putting contest sign Buy putting contest insurance and included with every contract from Hole In One International is a FREE contest sign announcing your sponsor and the prize to be won.

Free Golf Club For Everyone In Your Event


Free Golf Club Coupon We want your business! To entice you to buy your putting contest insurance from Hole In One International, we’ve teamed up with to give everyone in your event a FREE Golf Club of their choice!

How It Works

We will send you a package of Free Golf Club Coupons along with your complimentary event signage (three-putt combination contests only). Simply distribute one coupon to each player in your event as a tee prize. Your participants can redeem their coupon at where they can select from a variety of FREE high-quality golf clubs, with our compliments.

Portable Putting Contest Ramp


Portable Putting Contest Ramp for Indoor Putting Contests Take your putting contest to the local mall, trade show, or fundraiser and generate fun and money for all! We'll sell you an instant putting green, consult you on a successful putting contest promotion, and pay for the prize when someone wins!

Get a Putting Contest Insurance Quote

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How To Buy Putting
Contest Insurance

Putting Contest - Step One
Pick the putting contest
best suited for your
needs. Depending upon
your budget, we suggest
the single-putt putting
contest if you have time to
gather your tournament participants to witness the excitement, or the three-
putt combination putting contest if you have a
shotgun start.

Putting Contest - Step Two
Click Here
or call 800-827-2249 with
the number of finalists (single-putt putting contest) or number of players (three-putt combination putting contest) you expect, the length of the grand prize putt (the longer, the cheaper), and the cash value of your prize.

Putting Contest - Step Three
We'll give you a free, no obligation Putting Contest Insurance quote, issue the necessary paperwork, and get ready to rush the green!

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