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Looking for golf contest or golf sponsor signs for your upcoming golf tournament or golf outing? Look no further! Not only does Hole In One International offer these 24″x30″ coroplast and weatherproof beauties for a nominal fee, but you’re able to customize them and even pay for them all online! Check out how in this brief and easy tutorial:



Photos & Videos of Your Golf Tournament

NonprofitSwingWant to give your tournament participants and volunteers a way to remember your golf outing for years to come?  Then be sure to take as many photos and videos as possible before, during and even after your event!  Just make sure they’re quality photos/videos.  Wondering how to ensure that they are?  Hole In One International is here to explain how to make the most out of your visual memories and provide you with some great ideas!

Make sure you pay attention to what you’re taking photos of!  (This may seem elementary, but truth be told we see a lot of photos of scenery and beverage carts.)  While these types of photos are okay to have, it’s still important to focus on your main subject: your tournament participants!  Be sure to gather some great action shots of your players, individual photos and team/foursome photos.  Have your designated photographer (if applicable) drive around in a golf cart and take some unique photos.  Also be sure to take photos of any contest winners you happen to have!  If/when hole in one insurance is included in your outing, be sure to take a photo of any winners you have next to the prize they’ve won, if it happens to be out on the golf course; otherwise, have them stand by the appropriate signage on the hole that shows what they’ve won!

Be sure to take footage of your golfers throughout the duration of your outing.  Put together a ‘collage’ of sorts to share at your awards ceremony and sell to participants (as well as to use to promote the next event). It will make for plenty of laughs – especially if you manage to catch some footage of any golf follies, such as a player being stuck in an inescapable sand trap or a player’s ball landing straight into a water hazard.  Depending on the amount/quality of video equipment available at your golf tournament, you can also station the video cameras on a specific hole on the course and video each golfer playing that particular hole.  Or, if you have the time, you can even video each golfer’s performance from start to finish and possibly sell a video of their performance to them.  Looking to give your sponsor(s) additional exposure?  Feel free to include any necessary commercials in the video as well.

Need more photo/video suggestions?  Feel free to give Hole In One International a call at 800-827-2249… or email us, and we’ll be sure to help you out and give you more pointers!

Golf Tournament Committee Tips

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Even if you’re not a first-time golf tournament planner or organizer, chances are there are some suggestions and tips when it comes to organizing your golf tournament committee that you had never thought of before.  Luckily for you, Hole In One International is here to give you some pointers!


Committee Tip #1 – Size DOES Matter!
Let’s face it: the last thing you want or need is for your golf tournament committee to be short-handed or over-staffed.  If you don’t have enough people, then your team will be stretched beyond their means and easily worn out.  Seeing as how volunteers are a golf outing’s most important asset, you’ll obviously want to make sure they’re treated right — especially since they’ll be dedicating their time and efforts towards the golf tournament.  Too many people, however, and it makes it difficult to get any decision-making done.  For most golf tournament committees, anywhere from 6-12 people are typically sufficient; however, if your committee is feeling overwhelmed, it’s still easy enough to add 1-2 more members into the mix!


Committee Tip #2 – Contacts, Contacts, Contacts!
Before bringing on any volunteers, first make sure that they already have their own external contacts.  Having leads and contacts is crucial if you plan on having a sufficient amount of sponsors and a successful turnout of golfers at your golf tournament.  The less leads you have as a committee, the less likely you are to reach your fundraising goals, sponsorship goals and other important benchmarks within your golf tournament.


Committee Tip #3 – Everyone Does Their Part!
Make sure everyone in your committee is contributing either money, contacts and/or time.  Don’t let anyone onto your committee with the impression that they’ll be able to gain recognition via any of your golf tournament’s literature/advertising.  Only allow an individual to be on your committee if they are adequately contributing in some way, shape or form.   Be sure to divvy up responsibilities accordingly — for example, who will be in charge of keeping track of expenses?  Who will be responsible for creating/acquiring the proper advertising materials, such as golf contest and sponsor signs?


Need more suggestions and tips?  Give Hole In One International a call today at 800-827-2249… or email us at any time!

Golf Tournament Formats: Which Best Suits Your Outing?

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Decisions, decisions! There are so many to make when it comes to planning a successful golf tournament… including which golf tournament format to choose!

Hole In One International is here today to give you the scoop on some of the various golf tournament formats and explain the unique aspects of each. Hopefully by the time you’re finished reading this blog post, you’ll be ready to make an informed decision as to which would best suit your golf tournament!

2-Day Event
Turning your golf outing into a 2-day event really gives your players the sensation of being “one of the pros!”  Use this one-of-a-kind format to your advantage and be sure to acquire more sponsorship money!  Running a 2-day event also means giving players a whole other day to possibly win a grand prize if a hole-in-one insurance policy is being utilized!

Give your golfers the amazing experience of playing with a local — or even national — celebrity!  This is a surefire way for your golf tournament to get the attention it deserves!  Be sure to invite the celebrities to be on your committee.

Golf Marathon
Possibly one of the best tournament formats as far as fundraising is concerned… so all you non-profits, listen close!  Recruit 40 golfers to help your organization’s cause by raising money from friends and colleagues and play 100 holes of golf the day of your golf outing.  Not convinced of a golf marathon’s potential?  Look at it this way: Should all 40 golfers manage to raise $10/hole and play 100 holes that day, then you will have fundraised $40,000!  Now imagine increasing the amount the golfers fundraise and, well… you do the math!

Find a local golf professional that shares the same devotion for your cause and/or that you know well.  Having your players golf with a golf professional means that, chances are, your golfers will be more than eager to pay more for it!  This is a great opportunity to insure a grand prize using hole in one insurance; chances are, the golf pro will tell their other pro buddies and you’ll end up with one heck of a turn-out!

Night Golf
Hold your golf tournament during the night hours and play with glowing golf balls — it’s sure to be a big hit among your participants!  For additional fun, award your best (or perhaps even better, your worst) performing player at the end of the tournament.  One thing’s for sure: No one’s going to be playing at their absolute best when the visibility is low!

Snow Golf
Don’t let inclement weather steer you away from holding a golf tournament — instead, simply hold a “Snow Golf” or “Ice Golf” tournament! Imagine the fun your players will have as they skirt around the snow/and or ice, attempting to get their ball on the green (or in this case, the “white!”)

Looking for more creative ideas for tournament formats? Subscribe to our blog and watch for Outing Formats … Part 2!


Different Committees Within Your Golf Tournament

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Whether you’re a first time golf tournament planner or you’ve been coordinating your golf outing for years, it never hurts — nor is it ever too late — to make some major improvements in your planning!  Today, Hole In One International is here to not only stress the importance of assigning different committees within your golf tournament, but also to explain the different types of committees and the responsibilities of each one.


1) The Marketing/PR Chair
While the Marketing/PR Chair’s main focus may appear blatantly obvious to us, there’s one thing to keep in mind: Connections, connections, connections!  Make sure the individual you choose to fill this role has plentiful connections within not only your community, but in the media as well.  The Marketing/PR Chair should actively seek out and seize any/all available promotional opportunities, including activities such as a hole in one contest or putting contest.

2) The Tournament Chair
The Tournament Chair is your golf tournament’s ‘leader.’  Make sure they’re well-connected within your community and are prompt and reliable when it comes to deadlines.  The Tournament Chair is oftentimes also the contact person for people interested in participating and need more information.  Feel free to list their contact information in any brochures, online advertising or any other marketing materials your golf tournament commitee produces.

3) The Sponsorship Chair
Make sure your appointed Sponsorship Chair has sufficient connections within the business community and is a top-notch, experienced salesperson!  This individual will be in charge of acquiring sponsors for the golf tournament and selling them the sponsorships.

4) The Logistics Chair
The Logistics Chair will ideally be responsible for not only budgeting, but managing operations and personnel as well.  The Logistics Chair should ideally be very detail-oriented by nature.  After all, the last thing you or your golf tournament committee want or need is oversight on the Logistic Chair’s part — especially when it comes to your budget and money.

5) The Honorary Chair
This individual will be duly recognized at the golf tournament… and not only through marketing and advertising!  Make sure the person you assign as the Honorary Chair is a prominent figure in your community.  You don’t want just any average joe representing your golf tournament, do you?  Of course not!

6) The Golfer Chair
The Golfer Chair should ideally be a golf enthusiast and will be responsible for recruiting players for the golf tournament.  Being an avid fan of the game and being able to network with other fellow golfers is always helpful when it comes to recruiting players for a golf tournament.

7) The Gift & Prize Chair
The Gift and Prize Chair will be responsible for creating various sponsorship packages and finding deals on the prizes and gifts being offered to them.  Make sure that the sponsorship packages/offers are appealing and that your sponsors are being adequately rewarded for the money they’ll be putting in.  For example, it’s always a good idea to recognize your sponsors with golf sponsor signage.  Remember to clue in the Sponsorship Chair about what your final gift and prize packages will be — it will hopefully make for an easy sale for them!


Have more questions about golf tournament committees?  Call us today at 800-827-2249!

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