Golf Tournament Committee Tips

Even if you’re not a first-time golf tournament planner or organizer, chances are there are some suggestions and tips when it comes to organizing your golf tournament committee that you had never thought of before.  Luckily for you, Hole In One International is here to give you some pointers!


Committee Tip #1 – Size DOES Matter!
Let’s face it: the last thing you want or need is for your golf tournament committee to be short-handed or over-staffed.  If you don’t have enough people, then your team will be stretched beyond their means and easily worn out.  Seeing as how volunteers are a golf outing’s most important asset, you’ll obviously want to make sure they’re treated right — especially since they’ll be dedicating their time and efforts towards the golf tournament.  Too many people, however, and it makes it difficult to get any decision-making done.  For most golf tournament committees, anywhere from 6-12 people are typically sufficient; however, if your committee is feeling overwhelmed, it’s still easy enough to add 1-2 more members into the mix!


Committee Tip #2 – Contacts, Contacts, Contacts!
Before bringing on any volunteers, first make sure that they already have their own external contacts.  Having leads and contacts is crucial if you plan on having a sufficient amount of sponsors and a successful turnout of golfers at your golf tournament.  The less leads you have as a committee, the less likely you are to reach your fundraising goals, sponsorship goals and other important benchmarks within your golf tournament.


Committee Tip #3 – Everyone Does Their Part!
Make sure everyone in your committee is contributing either money, contacts and/or time.  Don’t let anyone onto your committee with the impression that they’ll be able to gain recognition via any of your golf tournament’s literature/advertising.  Only allow an individual to be on your committee if they are adequately contributing in some way, shape or form.   Be sure to divvy up responsibilities accordingly — for example, who will be in charge of keeping track of expenses?  Who will be responsible for creating/acquiring the proper advertising materials, such as golf contest and sponsor signs?


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