How-To: Filling Your Field with Golfers

As you likely already know, golfers today have a variety of golf outings to choose from and participate in, so it’s important that you give them every reason to choose your golf tournament over another.  If you’re finding it a difficult task to sell out your golf event and/or need some tips on how you can acquire a full field of 144 players, then you’re in luck!  Hole In One International is here today to explain how to do just that.

First of all, it’s important to get a good idea as to who participates… and why.  These people might be individuals that believe in your cause, acquaintances, people you work with, sponsors and/or vendors and all of these people may want to participate in a golf outing for a variety of reasons.  Perhaps they’re looking for a great golf course to play at… or maybe they’re wanting more value than the entry fee they’re paying for (tee packages, contests/activities, food, and beverages, etc).  For many participants, it can be as simple as your cause, particularly if it is something they really believe in.

Here are some suggestions for recruiting more golfers for your golf event:

  • Create a webpage for your golf tournament (TournEvents is a great, FREE solution for this).  This will allow you to promote your event and sponsors, as well as give your players the opportunity to register and pay for the tournament online!
  • Network!  Have friends ask other friends if they’d like to participate.  (P.S. Word of mouth will never become an ineffective method of free advertising!)
  • Advertise via direct mail, brochures, email campaigns, editorial and/or media coverage, etc.  Make sure all of the advertising you send out reaches a target market; you don’t want to be advertising to individuals who have no interest in golf, after all.
  • Be sure to create appealing sponsorship packages.
  • Contact returning golfers!  If they had fun at your previous outing, they’ll likely want to participate again.  You should have their information from the previous sign-up/sign-in sheet.
  • Offer the chance to score incredible prizes! Check out a few of the suggested prize ideas that are sure to help you capture attention.

Need more ideas on how to recruit golfers to your golf outing?  Give us a call at 800-827-2249… or feel free to email us for additional information!

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