Properly Advertising Your Golf Tournament – Part 1/2

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Looking to amp up your advertising this year at your golf tournament?  Hole In One International is here to help give you some ideas on how to get the word out about your upcoming golf outing!

1.)  Make a Website
Having a website dedicated to your golf tournament is crucial when it comes to spreading the news about it!  Be sure to visibly display when and where it will be taking place, a phone number and/or email for your tournament director in case people have questions, as well as any sort of contests/promotions you’ll be running during the tournament!  You also have the ability to allow players to pay for their event on your website via online payment services such as PayPal.  See if anyone in your tournament planning committee has the capability to set up a website for you — if not, there are some extremely helpful websites out there that will assist you in creating one for free, such as TournEvents.

2.)  Create Social Media Pages
Chances are that your target audience is active in the social media world, so make sure to create a Facebook event page, Twitter account and/or even a Google+ page dedicated to your outing.  Be sure to make mention of your golf tournament regularly on your personal or business pages and link back to the appropriate golf outing pages.  It’s important to keep everyone informed by making frequent updates (for example, if you’ve added on a few new sponsors or managed to grab a local celebrity local business leader as your chairperson).

3.)  Utilize Print Advertising
Print advertising is a tried and true way of spreading the news of your golf tournament.  Whether you plan to send flyers, create an online press release (which you can do for free through websites such as or put an ad about the golf tournament in your local newspaper listing, all are guaranteed to yield results and get your message out there into the world!  Be sure to also work with your sponsors to include information about your tournament in their ads/mailers!

Stay tuned later this week for part 2 of Hole In One International’s “Properly Advertising Your Golf Tournament” blog post.  And as always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us at 800-827-2249 or email us!

Save the Date Cards

Save The Date Hole In One International has something for you to consider after this year’s golf tournament is a wrap: begin creating “Save the Date” cards for all of the players who participated in your golf outing!

As you likely already know, it’s never too early to begin planning ahead.  As soon as you have a date set for your next golf tournament, begin creating and sending out your Save the Date cards so players can RSVP for next year’s event in an ample amount of time.

As a bonus, be sure to include deals & discounts such as “Early Bird Specials” for foursomes who pay for next year’s event before a specified cut-off date!

Save the Date cards can easily be handmade; however, if it’s within your budget, they can also be purchased online as well to minimize time and effort.  You’ll be surprised to find just how many customizable golf-themed Save the Date cards are out there when you search for them online!

Be sure to give Hole In One International a call at 800-827-2249 if you have any questions… and feel free to share your own “Save the Date” creations with us socially via Facebook, Twitter and/or Google+!

7 Tips on Marketing your Golf Tournament

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Feeling frustrated or slightly disappointed in the turnout at your last golf tournament? Don’t fret! Here’s 7 of our favorite tips for marketing and advertising your golf tournament!

1. Set a goal! When planning your golf tournament, it’s important to identify and write down specific goals that you would like to achieve. And while you’re at it, consider setting up a multi-year plan so you can track your progress!

2. Know the famous phrase “Location, Location, Location“? Well, it applies to golf tournaments too! To help your tournament stand out, make sure to take the location into careful consideration.  Don’t hesitate to scope out multiple golf courses/golf clubs until you find the one that suits the needs of your business/organization’s golf tournament best.

3. Having celebrity guests at your tournament can be a real plus — not only is it exciting for all of your players and other attendees, but it makes you, as a tournament director, look more credible.  And dont worry, you don’t necessarily need Kim Kardashian or Tom Cruise on your guest list … depending on your community, local “celebrities” such as news reporters, radio show hosts, city and state officials will be just as big of hit with your tournament participants.

4.  Indentify who will be on your committee. Here is one situation where the more hands you have, the better (And don’t forget to think in terms of who can help you with achieveing your goals…)

5.  Get social!  If you haven’t already, this is the year to create a presence on the big social media sites such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.  These pages take very little time to set up and  they’re a great way to not only help advertise and recognize new sponsors but also attract new, younger golfers to your event as well!  When it comes to Facebook, encourage people to ‘like’ your event page by offering them a chance at a sweepstakes prize (i.e. “Like us to win a free driver!”)  These are all great ways to freely advertise… and with services like PayPal, you can even allow your players to register online through your website!  Talk about simple!…

6.  Sell It! Identify your potential players and sponsors and get out there and SELL it. (Read more about this here on our blog on March 16th at 11am PST).

7.  Sweeten the Pot …  Adding the chance to win multiple giant prizes is an effective tactic for generating buzz about your event. Adding a $25,000 putting contest or giving every player the chance to win a new car is sure to help you attract attention to your event.


If you’re interested in learning more, don’t hesitate to contact us at 800-827-2249 or send us an email!  We’d love to help make your next tournament a success!

Advertising Your Golf Tournament

TeeSignGifNever underestimate the power of advertising your golf tournament! Kristen Hansen, Social Media Marketing Assistant with Hole In One International, shares suggestions for getting the word out about your event.

Create a website for your golf outing
You don’t  have to spend a ton of dough to get the word out about your event.  Putting up a website dedicated to your golf outing is  a perfect way to “tell” everyone about it! Be sure to promote the link to your website.  And don’t forget to update your site regularly! Don’t know how to make a website? Don’t worry about it! There are websites out there that will actually create your own golf tournament page for you, such as TournEvents. The best part? It’s free!

Print advertising
Print advertising is a tried and true method of getting your word out there in the world. Some ideas  would be to send fliers, put an article in your local newspaper or create an online press release. You can even work with your sponsors to include information about your event in their mailers and ads!

Sending invitations
Something as simple as sending out invitations can be a great way to advertise, believe it or not. Once you have all the details of the outing in place, start sending those invitations out! You’ll be pleasantly surprised to see how many interested parties contact you! (Tip: when making your invitations, it’s best to list out multiple methods of contact for people to contact you… i.e. address, phone number, email, website, etc.)

Create social media pages for your golf outing
Chances are your target audience is active in the social media world. Be sure to make a Facebook group and/or Twitter account dedicated to your outing and mention it regularly on your personal or business pages. Depending on the size and type of tournament, you may even want to consider advertising your event in your local area via Facebook. Be sure to keep everyone informed by making regular updates to your group pages.

Announce any discounts or special offers
Encourage people to register for the outing as early as possible! List a cut-off date in your invitation and offer a discount on the price of their foursome if they send in their payment prior to it!  And of course, don’t forget to announce if you’re going to be holding any sort of contests during your outing – especially ones that involve big prizes, such as a hole in one or putting contest!

Give your sponsors maximum exposure
Make sure to properly advertise not only for yourself and your outing but your sponsors as well! Purchase sponsor signs featuring your sponsor’s logo and whatever you do, make sure you know where to place the signage to give your sponsors the recognition they deserve!

Need more ideas? Have any questions? Give us a call at 800-827-2249 or shoot us an email.  We’d be happy to help you out!

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