Golf Tournament Committee Tips

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Even if you’re not a first-time golf tournament planner or organizer, chances are there are some suggestions and tips when it comes to organizing your golf tournament committee that you had never thought of before.  Luckily for you, Hole In One International is here to give you some pointers!


Committee Tip #1 – Size DOES Matter!
Let’s face it: the last thing you want or need is for your golf tournament committee to be short-handed or over-staffed.  If you don’t have enough people, then your team will be stretched beyond their means and easily worn out.  Seeing as how volunteers are a golf outing’s most important asset, you’ll obviously want to make sure they’re treated right — especially since they’ll be dedicating their time and efforts towards the golf tournament.  Too many people, however, and it makes it difficult to get any decision-making done.  For most golf tournament committees, anywhere from 6-12 people are typically sufficient; however, if your committee is feeling overwhelmed, it’s still easy enough to add 1-2 more members into the mix!


Committee Tip #2 – Contacts, Contacts, Contacts!
Before bringing on any volunteers, first make sure that they already have their own external contacts.  Having leads and contacts is crucial if you plan on having a sufficient amount of sponsors and a successful turnout of golfers at your golf tournament.  The less leads you have as a committee, the less likely you are to reach your fundraising goals, sponsorship goals and other important benchmarks within your golf tournament.


Committee Tip #3 – Everyone Does Their Part!
Make sure everyone in your committee is contributing either money, contacts and/or time.  Don’t let anyone onto your committee with the impression that they’ll be able to gain recognition via any of your golf tournament’s literature/advertising.  Only allow an individual to be on your committee if they are adequately contributing in some way, shape or form.   Be sure to divvy up responsibilities accordingly — for example, who will be in charge of keeping track of expenses?  Who will be responsible for creating/acquiring the proper advertising materials, such as golf contest and sponsor signs?


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Different Committees Within Your Golf Tournament

Hole In One International

Whether you’re a first time golf tournament planner or you’ve been coordinating your golf outing for years, it never hurts — nor is it ever too late — to make some major improvements in your planning!  Today, Hole In One International is here to not only stress the importance of assigning different committees within your golf tournament, but also to explain the different types of committees and the responsibilities of each one.


1) The Marketing/PR Chair
While the Marketing/PR Chair’s main focus may appear blatantly obvious to us, there’s one thing to keep in mind: Connections, connections, connections!  Make sure the individual you choose to fill this role has plentiful connections within not only your community, but in the media as well.  The Marketing/PR Chair should actively seek out and seize any/all available promotional opportunities, including activities such as a hole in one contest or putting contest.

2) The Tournament Chair
The Tournament Chair is your golf tournament’s ‘leader.’  Make sure they’re well-connected within your community and are prompt and reliable when it comes to deadlines.  The Tournament Chair is oftentimes also the contact person for people interested in participating and need more information.  Feel free to list their contact information in any brochures, online advertising or any other marketing materials your golf tournament commitee produces.

3) The Sponsorship Chair
Make sure your appointed Sponsorship Chair has sufficient connections within the business community and is a top-notch, experienced salesperson!  This individual will be in charge of acquiring sponsors for the golf tournament and selling them the sponsorships.

4) The Logistics Chair
The Logistics Chair will ideally be responsible for not only budgeting, but managing operations and personnel as well.  The Logistics Chair should ideally be very detail-oriented by nature.  After all, the last thing you or your golf tournament committee want or need is oversight on the Logistic Chair’s part — especially when it comes to your budget and money.

5) The Honorary Chair
This individual will be duly recognized at the golf tournament… and not only through marketing and advertising!  Make sure the person you assign as the Honorary Chair is a prominent figure in your community.  You don’t want just any average joe representing your golf tournament, do you?  Of course not!

6) The Golfer Chair
The Golfer Chair should ideally be a golf enthusiast and will be responsible for recruiting players for the golf tournament.  Being an avid fan of the game and being able to network with other fellow golfers is always helpful when it comes to recruiting players for a golf tournament.

7) The Gift & Prize Chair
The Gift and Prize Chair will be responsible for creating various sponsorship packages and finding deals on the prizes and gifts being offered to them.  Make sure that the sponsorship packages/offers are appealing and that your sponsors are being adequately rewarded for the money they’ll be putting in.  For example, it’s always a good idea to recognize your sponsors with golf sponsor signage.  Remember to clue in the Sponsorship Chair about what your final gift and prize packages will be — it will hopefully make for an easy sale for them!


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On and Off-Course Golf Contests/Promotions

OOPLogoAre you thinking about insuring a golf contest or promotion that’s not offered on the Hole In One International website, or that’s not being held at a traditional golf course?  Well, there’s good news… and even better news:

The good news is that we can hook you up with a fabulous company that insures everything from golf ball drops to chipping contests… and even jumbo dice rolls which can be held during your golf tournament!  The even better news is that the prize insurance coverage is provided by our own sister company, Odds On Promotions!

Whether you want to hold your contest/promotion on an actual golf course or at a completely separate location, Odds On would be more than happy to help you plan, set up — and most importantly — insure your next golf promotion!

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Goodie Bag Item Ideas For Your Tournament Participants!

Hole In One International

Stumped on what to include in your goodie bags this year?  Here are some great ideas from Hole In One International that your golf tournament participants are sure to love!

1. Company Golf T-shirt
Have any sponsors at your golf outing?  Ask them to donate t-shirts in a variety of sizes with their logo on them!  This item idea is a win-win situation, especially for small, local sponsors: not only will your golfers enjoy their free article of clothing, but the sponsors will have a chance to advertise thanks to your outing participants… and chances are that your outing participants will be more than willing to help spread awareness of their company/brand!

2. Sleeve of Golf Balls
How many balls do you think go lost, abandoned or end up landing in the water after each round of golf is played?  The answer? A lot.  In the United States alone, an estimated at 300 million golf balls are lost each year.  Which is why it’s never a bad idea to have more on-hand!  Feel free to customize those golf balls with your outing’s logo, or even a sponsor’s!

3. Snacks!
Don’t let your players go famished during the tournament… supply them with some snacks to take with them on-the-go!  Nuts, bananas, fruit bars… anything to give them a little extra boost of energy throughout the day!

4. Club Head Covers
While the t-shirt and golf balls are pretty “par for the course”, certain unique items such a club head covers are a great way to help make your goodie bag stand out from all the others!  Club head covers are cost-effective, practical and can also be customized as well!

5. Gift Certificate to the 19th Hole
Now here’s one everyone will love: a gift certificate to the golf course’s “19th Hole!”  After the tournament, players will be able to meet up with their buddies for some grub and/or drinks… on the house, thanks to your thoughtful gift idea!  This one’s sure to be a big hit!

And don’t forget: when you purchase a hole in one, shootout and/or combination putting contest insurance policy from Hole In One International, we will include a free tee prize for each and every golfer in your event!  That’s right — each and every one of your golfers will receive a FREE $50 gift card to, where they can choose from a vast variety of golf clubs!

Need more goodie bag ideas?  Give Hole In One International a call today at 800-827-2249… and be sure to share your own unique goodie bag ideas with us via Facebook, Twitter and/or Google+!

Insure a Lucky Duck Pluck at Your Golf Tourney

DucksLooking to increase fundraising dollars at your next golf tournament? Want to insure something unique in addition to your hole-in-one, shootout, or putting contest? We’ve got just the promotion for you: a Lucky Duck Pluck, which can be insured through Hole In One International’s sister company, Odds On Promotions!

Surely you’re wondering how it works. All you need to do is simply place a bunch of numbered rubber ducks in your golf course’s pond (or any other body of water). These rubber ducks can be your everyday traditional yellow rubber ducks or even “golfer” or “golf ball” ducks, as seen in this post. Feel free to have some fun and have a variety of different ducks floating around in there!

Tip: Have a major golf tournament sponsor? Here’s an idea — how about customizing your rubber ducks by including their logo on them?

Qualify your players to participate in the Lucky Duck Pluck via raffle, closest to the pin contest or other golf-related contest if your golf tournament is prior to the Lucky Duck Pluck, then have those qualifiers come back and select one “lucky duck” from the pond.  Feel free to charge players $x to participate in order to fundraise for your cause!

Each rubber duck will contain a number.  If the numbered duck the player selects happens to match Odds On Promotions’ pre-selected number, then they’re an instant winner… of any prize value you happen to choose, up to $1,000,000!  There are multiple ways to have your players check to see if their duck is a winner.  You can either use Odds On’s handheld verification unit or have the player call Odds On’s number verification hotline, enter the number on their duck and see if they’ve won!

another plastic duckWant to insure for multiple winners?  No problem!  You don’t have to insure for only 1 lucky duck — feel free to insure for 10 winners, for example, and have the total prize value (e.g. $100,000) split between each winning duck.  That would mean that theoretically, 10 people could each win a $10,000 prize!  You can also have a certain amount of rubber ducks (or all of them which aren’t the grand prize-winning duck, for that matter) contain auxiliary prizes that can either be self-insured or provided by Odds On!

Want a free, no-obligation quote on this promotion?  Feel free to give Odds On Promotions a call at 888-827-2249 or email them at any time. Rest assured, they’ll help you customize your promotion to where you get the most bang for your buck!

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