Goodie Bag Item Ideas For Your Tournament Participants!

Stumped on what to include in your goodie bags this year?  Here are some great ideas from Hole In One International that your golf tournament participants are sure to love!

1. Company Golf T-shirt
Have any sponsors at your golf outing?  Ask them to donate t-shirts in a variety of sizes with their logo on them!  This item idea is a win-win situation, especially for small, local sponsors: not only will your golfers enjoy their free article of clothing, but the sponsors will have a chance to advertise thanks to your outing participants… and chances are that your outing participants will be more than willing to help spread awareness of their company/brand!

2. Sleeve of Golf Balls
How many balls do you think go lost, abandoned or end up landing in the water after each round of golf is played?  The answer? A lot.  In the United States alone, an estimated at 300 million golf balls are lost each year.  Which is why it’s never a bad idea to have more on-hand!  Feel free to customize those golf balls with your outing’s logo, or even a sponsor’s!

3. Snacks!
Don’t let your players go famished during the tournament… supply them with some snacks to take with them on-the-go!  Nuts, bananas, fruit bars… anything to give them a little extra boost of energy throughout the day!

4. Club Head Covers
While the t-shirt and golf balls are pretty “par for the course”, certain unique items such a club head covers are a great way to help make your goodie bag stand out from all the others!  Club head covers are cost-effective, practical and can also be customized as well!

5. Gift Certificate to the 19th Hole
Now here’s one everyone will love: a gift certificate to the golf course’s “19th Hole!”  After the tournament, players will be able to meet up with their buddies for some grub and/or drinks… on the house, thanks to your thoughtful gift idea!  This one’s sure to be a big hit!

And don’t forget: when you purchase a hole in one, shootout and/or combination putting contest insurance policy from Hole In One International, we will include a free tee prize for each and every golfer in your event!  That’s right — each and every one of your golfers will receive a FREE $50 gift card to, where they can choose from a vast variety of golf clubs!

Need more goodie bag ideas?  Give Hole In One International a call today at 800-827-2249… and be sure to share your own unique goodie bag ideas with us via Facebook, Twitter and/or Google+!

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