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Golf season is finally here!  Looking to help fuel fun and raise funds at your upcoming event?  Then you’re going to love this post.

There are undoubtedly many objectives you’re looking to fulfill this year when it comes to your upcoming fundraising golf tournament.  Raising money for your cause will obviously be your #1 priority.  You’ll definitely want to offer value to your sponsors, attract new players to your organization (and get them to come back next time!), as well as increase overall revenue from players and sponsors alike.  But how do you go about achieving this?

We have one word for you: activities!

All kidding aside, it’s important to have both golf and other fun activities and contests spread throughout your event — before, during, and even, after.

Before your event, it’s a great idea to hold a raffle featuring donated prizes.  These prizes can be anything from free rounds of golf, vacation/travel packages to great golf destinations or even a colossal cash prize!  Just have everyone donate a few bucks to have their name put into the raffle.  It’s a simple, yet effective way of fundraising.  You can also sell a variety of logoed merchandise at the event!  From golf balls, clothing and even customized towels, you’ll be surprised as to just how many people will be interested in purchasing your goods — especially when it’s going to a good cause!  Still not convinced of the value these activities have?  How about holding a qualifying round for an insured putting contest where players can win up to $50,000!  After you’ve qualified your players, bring them back at the end of the event to take a shot (or rather, “putt”) at a great prize!  Feel free to charge your participants $x to enter the qualifier.  Facing time restraints?  Call upon your good friend ‘raffle’ to save the day and make the qualifying process a breeze!  Also, be sure you have any events/contests and sponsors adequately promoted with the help of golf contest signage.

Tune in again next Friday for  more activities and contests that you can run during and after your event!

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