Top 10 Hole In One Prizes

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Completely stumped on what to give away at your next golf tournament?  Not to worry Hole In One International’s Kristen Hansen is here with the Top 10 Hole In One Prizes.


10.  Tractor

Whether it’s a John Deere, Kubota or Bobcat, tractors are definitely in this year.  Call the local dealer of your choice to see what makes and models they recommend, then give us a call and tell us the value of them – we’ll help you determine which one will be the best to insure!

9.  Gift Certificate

Perfect for retailers, restaurants and even golf courses!  A gift certificate to your location will give this lucky hole in one winner the opportunity to experience what all your company has to offer!  Great for publicity and even business once they tell their family and friends all about their positive experiences at your location!

8.  School Tuition

Give the gift of higher education with school tuition!  This prize is perfect for educational institutions—primary, secondary or otherwise.  Parents would no longer have to worry about setting up a college fund for their child if they won this one.  No child?  No problem!  Take advantage of the opportunity and keep the prize for yourself… after all, it’s never too late to go back to school!

7.  Cash

There’s nothing quite like cold, hard cash to do whatever you please with.  Are you a non-profit looking to put a twist on this timeless prize?  Insure it as a 50/50 split!  Half of the winnings can go to the ace maker, and the other to your organization!

6.  Hybrid Vehicle

With gas prices continuing to climb higher and higher, it doesn’t get much better than a vehicle that offers fuel-saving technology.  Contact your local car dealership to learn more about the various hybrid vehicles they have in.  (P.S. don’t forget to ask if they’d be willing to drive it out on the course that day for everyone to see!)

5.  3D Electronics Package

Join in on the latest 3D imaging craze with a 3D Electronics package!  Pick and choose a few of the following or go big and offer it all: a 3D TV, movie tickets to 3D movies this summer, a pair of Oakley brand 3D glasses, the new 3DS from Nintendo, 3D Blu-Ray DVDs, 3D games, a 3D channels package from your local service provider and even a 3D-ready computer monitor!

4.  All-inclusive Vacation Package

Send your next hole in one winner and a few of their friends on an all-inclusive vacation!  Whether you plan to custom-tailor the trip to your own specifications or give the winner the freedom to organize it themselves, your next hole in one winner will be telling you to “get out of town” once they’ve learned what they and their friends have won!

3.  A New Home

Looking to move?  Get a hole in one and win a brand new home in return.  Happy with your current one?   Then purchase a vacation home for part-time residence!  Either way, it’s on us!

2.  Your Bills Paid for a Year

Bills piling up?  With this particular hole in one prize, you can forget all about ’em… for up to a year!  (Fun alternative: if bills aren’t an issue, then indulge yourself with your favorite grocery store treats instead!  Generic store brand, brand name… it won’t matter for another 365 days!)

1.  Tanker Truck of Gas
As we mentioned before, gas prices are continuing to increase more and more… so insure a Tanker Truck of Gas!  Your vehicle – as well as your wallet – will thank you!
Have any other ideas of your own that you’d like to insure?  No problem!  Give us a call at 800-827-2249 or shoot us an email and we’ll quote it out for you… it’s free and there’s absolutely no obligation!

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