Hole In One Tournament Format

Sure, you know what a golf tournament is,  but what does “tournament format” mean in regards to hole in one insurance?

Kristen Hansen, Social Media Marketing Assistant with Hole In One International explains…

With a hole in one tournament format, you’re insuring a prize for each and every player who is playing in the outing that day.  All players must be pre-registered, as hole in one companies rarely insure walk-up or “pay to play” events because it’s difficult to keep track of and determine exactly how many players there were in the event that day.  With a hole in one format, you insure a prize on the par 3 holes of your choice on the golf course and we’ll not only pay out each and every hole in one made on the insured holes but also throw in up to 4 complimentary auxiliary prizes on the remaining par 3s that you didn’t insure for.  Hole in one insurance companies do require a certain minimum yardage -typically is 135 yards.  Wondering what to insure as a prize that day?  Here are some suggestions.

The “tournament format” is ideal for people who want all of the players to get a shot at a prize!  And with the tournament format, you’re not just getting a chance at one prize – you’re getting a shot at several because of the addition of our auxiliary prizes!

Think that it’s impossible to fundraise when you’re insuring a tournament format?  Think again!  Feel free to sell mulligans for players to receive additional shots!  Just be sure not to use them on any of the holes you’re insuring for, as mulligans and/or practice shots will void the policy (this applies to auxiliary prize holes as well).

Getting ready to tee off for a tournament?   Need more facts on the format?  Give us a call at 800-827-2249 or e-mail us.

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