Golf Tournament Players: Is There a Minimum Requirement?

Hole In One International is here today to answer one of the most frequently asked questions that we receive: Is there a minimum number of golf tournament players/participants that we must have in order to secure hole in one insurance?

In short, the answer is ‘no.’  All we require is that you let us know in advance that you’ll be having a small tournament format prior to securing your hole in one coverage so we can document it.  We’ve happily insured many small golf tournaments — and, in fact, it actually plays into your favor!  That’s because the fewer players you have in your golf tournament, the higher the prize value you’re able to insure without your premium increasing!  Keep in mind that the yardage also factors into that equation as well (the higher the yardage, the lower the cost).

On the flip side, if you have more than a full field of 144 players, you must notify us prior to us binding your coverage whether your golf tournament will be a Tee Time or Shotgun Start.

So there you have it!  No, there is no minimum (or maximum) golf tournament player requirement; however, we do ask that you let us know that it’s a small tournament format (if there are not many players in the outing) or if it’s a Tee Time or Shotgun Start (if there are over 144 players in your outing).  Also, make sure to let us know if any professional golfers will be playing in your event…

Happy golfing and good luck!  Have any further questions?  Give us a call at 800-827-2249… or email us!

Golf Tournament Formats: Which Best Suits Your Outing?

Decisions, decisions! There are so many to make when it comes to planning a successful golf tournament… including which golf tournament format to choose!

Hole In One International is here today to give you the scoop on some of the various golf tournament formats and explain the unique aspects of each. Hopefully by the time you’re finished reading this blog post, you’ll be ready to make an informed decision as to which would best suit your golf tournament!

2-Day Event
Turning your golf outing into a 2-day event really gives your players the sensation of being “one of the pros!”  Use this one-of-a-kind format to your advantage and be sure to acquire more sponsorship money!  Running a 2-day event also means giving players a whole other day to possibly win a grand prize if a hole-in-one insurance policy is being utilized!

Give your golfers the amazing experience of playing with a local — or even national — celebrity!  This is a surefire way for your golf tournament to get the attention it deserves!  Be sure to invite the celebrities to be on your committee.

Golf Marathon
Possibly one of the best tournament formats as far as fundraising is concerned… so all you non-profits, listen close!  Recruit 40 golfers to help your organization’s cause by raising money from friends and colleagues and play 100 holes of golf the day of your golf outing.  Not convinced of a golf marathon’s potential?  Look at it this way: Should all 40 golfers manage to raise $10/hole and play 100 holes that day, then you will have fundraised $40,000!  Now imagine increasing the amount the golfers fundraise and, well… you do the math!

Find a local golf professional that shares the same devotion for your cause and/or that you know well.  Having your players golf with a golf professional means that, chances are, your golfers will be more than eager to pay more for it!  This is a great opportunity to insure a grand prize using hole in one insurance; chances are, the golf pro will tell their other pro buddies and you’ll end up with one heck of a turn-out!

Night Golf
Hold your golf tournament during the night hours and play with glowing golf balls — it’s sure to be a big hit among your participants!  For additional fun, award your best (or perhaps even better, your worst) performing player at the end of the tournament.  One thing’s for sure: No one’s going to be playing at their absolute best when the visibility is low!

Snow Golf
Don’t let inclement weather steer you away from holding a golf tournament — instead, simply hold a “Snow Golf” or “Ice Golf” tournament! Imagine the fun your players will have as they skirt around the snow/and or ice, attempting to get their ball on the green (or in this case, the “white!”)

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Club Pros In Your Golf Tournament


Have any Club Professionals participating in your upcoming golf outing?  Great news!  If you’re insuring a hole-in-one contest, Million Dollar Shoot-out, or putting contest, you don’t have to exclude them from participating and/or possibly winning the insured prize that’s at stake!

That’s right: Hole In One International will happily insure any/all Club Professionals in your event!  Sure, they’re a little more costly to insure (3x the price of 1 amateur golfer, to be exact) given their skill level; however, when you take the odds into consideration, it makes perfect sense.

Did you know that the odds of an amateur golfer making a hole-in-one are roughly 13,600 to 1, while for professional golfers, those odds are lessened all the way down to 2,500 to 1!

Give your Club Professionals (and even Tournament Professionals!) a chance to win big with a single swing (or putt), compliments of Hole In One International… call us today at 800-827-2249 for a free, no-obligation quote and/or more information!  You can also email us at any time or even go online and obtain a quote, as well as bind your coverage!

Best of luck with your golf tournament this year!

Hole In One Tournament Format

Sure, you know what a golf tournament is,  but what does “tournament format” mean in regards to hole in one insurance?

Kristen Hansen, Social Media Marketing Assistant with Hole In One International explains…

With a hole in one tournament format, you’re insuring a prize for each and every player who is playing in the outing that day.  All players must be pre-registered, as hole in one companies rarely insure walk-up or “pay to play” events because it’s difficult to keep track of and determine exactly how many players there were in the event that day.  With a hole in one format, you insure a prize on the par 3 holes of your choice on the golf course and we’ll not only pay out each and every hole in one made on the insured holes but also throw in up to 4 complimentary auxiliary prizes on the remaining par 3s that you didn’t insure for.  Hole in one insurance companies do require a certain minimum yardage -typically is 135 yards.  Wondering what to insure as a prize that day?  Here are some suggestions.

The “tournament format” is ideal for people who want all of the players to get a shot at a prize!  And with the tournament format, you’re not just getting a chance at one prize – you’re getting a shot at several because of the addition of our auxiliary prizes!

Think that it’s impossible to fundraise when you’re insuring a tournament format?  Think again!  Feel free to sell mulligans for players to receive additional shots!  Just be sure not to use them on any of the holes you’re insuring for, as mulligans and/or practice shots will void the policy (this applies to auxiliary prize holes as well).

Getting ready to tee off for a tournament?   Need more facts on the format?  Give us a call at 800-827-2249 or e-mail us.

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