Holding an Auction at Your Golf Tournament

Wondering how some golf tournaments are managing to fundraise hundreds of thousands of dollars? What if we told you it has to do with the inclusion of an auction? That’s right — unless you’re holding a major Celebrity-Am or Pro-Am which includes big-time sponsors, it can be extremely difficult to fundraise large amounts. Adding an auction to your golf outing is the key to achieve those big figures. In fact, many times auctions will make more money than the actual golf tournament itself!

Auctions are not only extremely popular, but it also gives participants the opportunity to buy an assortment of things that they would not normally buy. It’s ideal for a time-filler as well — not all of your golfers will finish their rounds at the same time. By holding an auction, you’re able to provide those who finish early with an activity to that will keep them on-site. It is also a great opportunity for golfers to get to know one another and network. But most importantly, at least to those looking to fundraise, it generates major moolah.

The key to generating “major moolah”, however, lies in the items.  While it’s essential that you acquire some big items, it’s also important to have several smaller items as well to ensure that you’re catering to everyone’s various budgets.  Some popular auction items consist – but are not limited to – the following: vacations, rounds of golf, jewelry, sports-related items, etc.  To obtain your items, you can buy them, have them donated, or acquire them from auction companies on consignment.

Be sure to have a designated Auction Chair whose sole duty is to focus on the auction and make sure it’s a success.  Make sure to start in advance when running your auction – post it [on your website] and promote it!  Allow non-golfers to join in and place their bids.  Its a good idea to work towards having credit cards accepted at the event and, be sure to collect the money that evening, if at all possible; otherwise, it becomes a hassle to collect after the fact.

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