Our Favorite Golf Ball Drop of 2011

Cincy Celebration of ChampionsHole In One International’s favorite golf ball drop of 2011 took place during the Smith Family Foundation’s Cincy Celebration of Champions which took place on October 1 at Pebble Creek.

This innovative golf ball drop offered a number of potential consolation prizes while giving every person who participated in the giant-prize fundraiser, the chance at taking home a life-changing prize of $50,000, paid for by Hole In One International’s sister company, Odds On Promotions.

What’s made this particular golf ball drop our favorite?

First, instead of just insuring 4 or 5 balls, in this drop, if any of the 50 balls landing closest to the target matched a lucky pre-selected ball number, then Odds On would reward the person who had “purchased” that golf ball.

Second, in addition to the central “target hole”, there were 6  “auxilliary” holes.  If a ball landed in any of the 7 holes in the “drop zone” – aka the target area, the owner of that ball would take home a guaranteed cash prize: $2,500 cash for the center hole and $500 each for the 6 surrounding holes.

Third, if no ball landed in a hole, then the ball landing closest to the hole won a prize.

Finally, a  $500 cash prize was awarded to the golf ball owner whose numbered ball ended up farthest from the center prize hole.

Tons of balls, tons of prizes… tons of ways to potentially win!  When running your next golf ball drop, be sure to take notes from the Smith Family Foundation’s event:  if you want to sell more balls, give your playerslots of chances to win smaller, guaranteed prizes in addition to the insured grand prize!

Have a tip for running an effective golf ball drop? We’d love to hear from you!

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