Hole In One Contest

Sponsoring a hole in one contest at a golf tournament is an easy and affordable way to promote your business. Here’s a quick look at how hole in one contests work and how you can use one to boost your business.

How it Works

If you are new to golf event planning, you may not be familiar with hole in one contests.  A hole in one contest gives golf tournament participants the chance to win a prize if they make a hole-in-one. Prospective sponsors are often approached by tournament organizers to sponsor a hole in one contest because it gives sponsors great visibility. (And it adds to the excitement of the the tournament.

To make the most of their sponsorship while eliminating the risk associated with offering a prize, the contest sponsor, or a tournament organizer, purchases hole in one coverage. That way the insurance company, not the sponsor or tournament organizer, will pay for the prize. The cost of insuring a hole in one contest depends upon the size of the prize you are giving away, the number of participants in the tournament, and the length of the hole you are insuring.

Other Contest Benefits

Depending on the company you select to insure your contest, you may also receive ancillary prizes that can be used on other holes during your event. Hole In One International, for example, offers players acing non-target par three holes during a tournament prizes such as brand name golf equipment or Visa Gift Cards.

In addition to free prizes, you should also expect to receive a tee sign showing tournament participants what they can win and announcing your name as the hole in one contest sponsor. You should also expect to receive complimentary ancillary prize signage as part of your hole in one contest insurance package and a free tee prize for every tournament participant.

What Prizes Can You Offer In Your Hole In One Contest

One of the best parts about sponsoring a contest, is deciding what kind of prize you’d like to give away. Automotive dealers generally give tournament participants the chance to win a brand new cars, while banks frequently offer down payments. Essentially, with hole in one insurance the sky is the limit; you can even offer up to a million dollar prize.

Sponsoring a Hole In One Contest is Easy

If you are thinking about sponsoring a hole in one contest, you can either get a free, no-obligation quote or obtain hole in one contest insurance in just a few moments either over the phone or online in just minutes by contacting a company like Hole In One International.