Tee Prizes: NEW for 2013 on FreeTeePrize.com

tee prizes from freeteeprize.com


We know: everyone loves tee prizes… which is why again this year we’re partnering up with FreeTeePrize.com to give each and every golfer who participates in a hole in one contest or million dollar shootout contest insured by Hole In One International a free tee prize!

During your event, you’ll distribute complimentary Free Tee Prize coupons to your players. After your golf tournament, participants simply visit  the site to use their coupon.

It gets even better — this year, FreeTeePrize.com has multiple new items in stock including:

– Adrenaline hybrids (right-handed)

– A variety of new ladies’ clubs

– Acer XB wedges

– Profit ICT adjustable drivers

– Power Play hybrids

– Bionic putters

– New clubs for ‘lefty’ golfers

–  Plus golf utilities and accessories, such as chippers, golf ball retrievers and golf ball pick-up tubes!

Have any questions about your FreeTeePrize.com coupons?  Give us a call at 800-827-2249 for guidance or feel free to email us for assistance!