Pre-tournament Checklist

Sure, you have the obligatory bag of golf clubs, but here are a few things you probably haven’t stopped to think about prior to tee-off:

Delivery of Course Materials: Have the necessary items been delivered to the golf course?  Whether it’s signage, an actual hole prize or otherwise, be sure to double-check that everything has already arrived.  If you have ordered signage, we will often suggest having it shipped directly to the golf course to avoid this ever being a possible issue.

Set up the Registration Table: Make sure all necessary documents are prepared so that participants are able to sign in.  This would also be a great spot to offer raffle tickets, mulligans and any other merchandise you may want to sell that day.

Set up the contests: Has the distance been measured on all holes that have contests taking place on them?  It’s common practice for the Pro at the golf course to go out and measure it with their laser; however, tee markers will allow you to measure accordingly as well.

Ice down the beverages: Nobody wants a warm drink, so make sure everything is iced down.  Snack/beverage carts should be ready to roll and fully stocked.

Post Signage and Banners: Are all of your signs and banners up where they need to be?  This is a vital step – you want everything to be properly advertised to minimize any confusion.  You’d also have some pretty angry sponsors if their names aren’t being advertised like they should that day.

Have the Goodie Bags prepared: Don’t forget the goodie bags… and don’t forget to print copies of the free tee prize Hole In One International gives each player and stick them in there!

P.S.  After all is said and done, send out thank-yous and update your organization’s website (if applicable) with tournament results and any other exciting post-tourney news you may have to share!

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