Matthew Johnson’s Ace Lands Him $500 (x2)!

Hole In One International

Congratulations to Matthew Johnson of Spring Grove, Illinois!

Johnson aced hole #11 at the Crystal Lake Country Club in Crystal Lake, IL while participating in the Annual Chamber of Commerce Golf Tournament on June 27th!  The par 3 hole measured 140 yards and he sank the shot with his 9 iron.

Hole In One International awarded him with a $500 Visa Gift Card since hole #11 was an auxiliary prize hole.

But wait — the story gets even better!  The tournament was insured by two separate clients!  Meaning that when Johnson aced hole #11, he actually received two $500 Visa Gift Cards, totaling $1,000!  Sometimes doubly insuring an event can really ‘pay’ off!

Doubly reward your tournament participants if there’s a winner and have a sponsor or perhaps someone you know buy a second hole in one insurance policy at your next event!  Call 800-827-2249 or email us for a quote and further information.  With prices as low as $150, you can’t go wrong!

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