Fun Ways to Qualify For a Million Dollar Shoot Out

If you plan on holding a Million Dollar Shootout, then you’ll need to pre-register/pre-qualify your players prior to the event.  Deciding the best course of action to take when it comes to qualifying your players can be quite confusing at times.  After all, there are a vast number of ways to go about doing so.  So how are you supposed to know which method will be most beneficial for your company or organization?  Let’s take a look:

If your goal is to fundraise, then the simplest way to qualify players would be to hold a raffle.  Depending on how big your company or organization is, you can charge anywhere from $1 to $2 upward toward $20 or $50 for an individual to enter a raffle and have their name drawn for a shot at $1,000,000.

Another way to help fundraise would be to have a silent auction.  The individual(s) with the highest bid received at the auction will then have the opportunity to participate in the Million Dollar Shoot-out.

You could also hold a merchandise sale and have the top 1-2 consumers who have spent the most money be the qualifiers!

Skills-based qualifiers are another great way to narrow down your players.  Having a longest or straightest drive contest or closest to the pin contest will help narrow down your players and determine who will be able to participate in the Million Dollar Shoot out.

If you’re having an actual golf tournament and the Million Dollar Shootout is to take place after the tournament, another option would be to take your first/last place team members and bring them back for the shot.

For added fun, be sure to offer consolation prizes to the other participants so they don’t leave empty-handed, whether it be a t-shirt, a sleeve of golf balls or perhaps a pro shop gift card where players can purchase merchandise or a free round of golf at the golf course!

For more ideas on how to qualify, be sure to visit our website!  You can also give us a call at 800-827-2249 or send us an email.  Happy qualifying!

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