Get an Instant Online Putting Contest Insurance Quote

Hole In One International

Decisions, decisions, decisions!  Those of you who have purchased a putting contest insurance quote with us before know that there are a variety of variables you can play around with in order to get the price you want. You know, increase the length of the putt and offer a bigger prize or decrease your prize value and include more participants.

Luckily, Hole In One International’s online putting contest insurance quoting system allows you to customize a putting contest to your own specifications.  Want to learn how?  Watch this quick video tutorial on how to quote out a putting contest through our website.

Did you know: With all of our online quotes, you’re always able to save them into our database and come back to them at a later time.  This specifically comes in handy if you haven’t yet gathered all of the information you need or if you don’t have access to a credit card at the time.

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