Featured Million Dollar Shootout Winner: Jason Hargett

Hargett With CheckIf you’re a golfer, then chances are you’ve heard the name ‘Jason Hargett.’

Hargett is Hole In One International’s latest Million Dollar Shoot-out winner from Provo, UT who ended up acing a 150-yard hole with his nine iron at the Mark Eaton Celebrity Classic.  The tournament took place at Red Ledges Golf Course in Heber City, Utah back in September of 2009.

Funnily enough, Hargett was somewhat reluctant to become a last-minute replacement in the tournament, as he suffered from a sore wrist.  He aced the hole using a borrowed club from his brother… and then fell down as he charged the hole after the shot!

Hargett taking a swingHargett, the 35-year-old restaurant manager, decided to keep his day job despite having won the Million Dollar Shoot Out and decided to put a chunk of the money toward his childrens’ college funds.

The Million Dollar Shoot-out makes a great fundraiser and is also a great contest to run just to offer your players a ‘little’ something extra (to the tune of $1,000,000!).  Want to make someone one of our next Million Dollar Shootout winners?  Need hole in one coverage?  Give us a call at 800-827-2449 or email us for a free, no-obligation quote!

Congratulations to Kirk Triplett!

Kirk Triplett, the three-time PGA Tour winner and one of the owners of Hole In One International, has done it again!  This past Sunday (August 28, 2011), Triplett emerged victorious from the News Sentinel Open in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Triplett won the tournament and picked up a $90,000 purse after hitting two birdies in a row on holes 13 & 14, which put him at a score of 21-under.   This victory officially made Triplett the oldest winner in Nationwide Tour history — wow!  Good to know he’s still got it!

Congratulations, Kirk Triplett, from all of us here at Hole In One International!

Signage Proofs

Hole In One International

A common question we receive here at Hole In One International is: “Am I able to receive a proof of what my sign(s) will look like before they’re shipped?”  The answer is yes!

With your proof, we’ll send you what your prize description and sponsor name will look like, as well as a copy of the actual sign template itself!

Either call us at 800-827-2249 and give us the email address to send the proofs to… or you can simply email us with the request.  All we’ll need is your application number (which is located at the top of both your application and sign order form).  Don’t have it?  Don’t worry – you can also provide us with the phone number associated with your account.

And as always, never hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns!

P.S. We also accept digital artwork if you’d like a logo or photo of your prize put on your sign – feel free to email it to us and we’ll apply it to your sign(s) at no additional cost!  Just be sure it’s a high resolution image that will fit an 11″x17″ template!

Paperwork Turnaround Timeline

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Do you have an upcoming golf tournament?  Do you plan on insuring a hole in one or putting contest with Hole In One International?  Chances are that if this is your first time doing business with us, you’re curious as to how far in advance you should secure your insurance and get the required paperwork (Contest Coverage Application and Free Tee/Putting Sign Order Form) turned in to us.

While we are technically able to provide coverage as soon as the same day of the tournament (so long as both the necessary paperwork and payment are received by us prior to tee-off that day), we highly recommend you contact us and obtain your quote(s) and application as soon as possible.  This will give you ample time to make payment arrangements for your coverage (due prior to the event date), as well as make any changes to the contract itself.

Because we include extras such as free signs, stakes and tee markers with every insurance policy, we recommend you turn the paperwork in to us at least 2-3 weeks prior to your event date.  If signage is desired, Hole In One International will require you to have your Free Tee/Putting Sign Order Form turned in to us at least 10 calendar days prior to your event date if signage is desired; otherwise, we will charge a $25 rush shipping fee (or $50 for Saturday delivery).  All of our signs are shipped via UPS.

Although we require at least 10 days for signage purposes, 2-3 weeks is suggested for both forms for the following reasons:

  • This gives you time to acquire and send any digital artwork you would like us to apply to your signage.  Please keep in mind that if you’re going to email artwork for us to apply to your signage, all files must be high resolution and print clearly on an 11″x17″ form.
  • This gives us enough time to ship the signs to your location.  ETA of your signage will vary, depending on where the signs are being shipped to.  We cannot guarantee delivery of your signs if the Tee/Putting Sign Order Form is received by us less than 10 days prior to the event.
  • If your sponsor name or prize changes, this gives us time to make changes to your paperwork.
  • If you need to adjust the sponsor’s name or prize description/value on your sign(s), we are usually able to rush ship labels that cover the existing name/description, which can be directly applied to your sign(s), for an additional fee.  Be sure to call Hole In One International for pricing and availability!

If you have any further questions or concerns regarding our paperwork or policies, feel free to send us an email or give us a call at 800-827-2249.

Hole In One Winner Recognized by Callaway …

Hole In One International

Borrowed Clubs Didn’t Stop This $500 Winner

Davis, Calif., – Saturday, June 10, 2011 was a great day for Michael Ramos of Davis. Ramos was participating in an annual best ball tournament with three other of his friends at Yocha Dehe Golf Club in Brooks, when the unthinkable happened… he aced the 13th hole, a par 3 measuring 168 yards!   What’s more, Ramos didn’t make the hole in one shot with his own clubs: he made it with a borrowed Callaway RAZR X iron and a brand new Callaway Warbird Plus golf ball.

According to Ramos, “Although I’ve been hitting Callaway balls for years, the club was brand new.  I actually picked it up in the pro shop after remarking to the girl at the counter that the set of RAZR X’s looked more like works of art than clubs.”  And as luck would have it, the gal who was working at the pro shop let him demo the 6-iron during the outing.

When Ramos contacted Callaway Golf after his feat to tell his story, Callaway replied, graciously offering him an amazing prize as a reward for his accomplishment.

Even sweeter…   Hole In One International awarded him with a complimentary $500 Visa Gift Card since the hole he aced was one of Hole In One International’s non-target auxiliary prize holes.

Talk about a lucky day!

Want one of your tournament players to be a winner like Michael Ramos?  Give us a call at 800-827-2249 or send us an email for a free, no-obligation quote. And if the mood strikes you, don’t think twice about playing with a demo … you might just have the shot of a lifetime!

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