Triplett Wins Nature Valley Open

Hole In One International would like to take this time to congratulate Kirk Triplett on his first career Champions Tour win in the Nature Valley First Tee Open at Pebble Beach. on Sunday, July 8, 2012!  According to  The Golf Channel, this win means Triplett has become the sixth player to earn wins on the PGA TOUR, Champions Tour, and Tour in his career.

Triplett, founding shareholder of Hole In One International, made an early Eagle… and closed with a 6-under 66, making for a two-stroke victory over Mark McNulty!

According to Triplett in this article in USA Today, “To win anywhere is special.  But to win at Pebble Beach is extra special.  To do it in my first Champions Tour try is great.”

Seems like the big “5-0” has been gracious to Triplett thus far!  Congratulations again and we all look forward to seeing many more successes from you in the future!

Tracking Your Golf Signage…

ups logo 1Here’s an exciting feature you may not have been aware of:  Hole In One International allows you to easily track your signage on their website!  Simply click on the ‘Track My Signs’ link on the upper right-hand corner of our website!

All you need is your application/contract number, which can be found either at the top of the paperwork we send you or your certificate of participation if insuring a hole-in-one contest, shoot-out contest or putting contest.  Then, voila!  The tracking portion of the UPS website will automatically load, letting you know the status of your shipment!

Quick Tip: If you’ve purchased sponsor signs, your application or contract number will begin with the letter ‘O’ followed by a 4-digit number; for free tee signs and auxiliary prize signs, the letter ‘H’ followed by a 6-digit number.

Whether you’re purchasing sponsor signs or are expecting your complimentary signage from purchasing one of our hole in one, shootout or putting contest packages, this service is available to you and will save you from having to make a phone call.

If your signage has been lost or damaged, however, please contact us as soon as possible so we can rectify the situation.  You can give us a call at 800-827-2249 any time Monday-Friday from 6:00am to 5:00pm Pacific!

Expecting signage from us?  Go ahead, track your shipment right now!

Club Pros In Your Golf Tournament


Have any Club Professionals participating in your upcoming golf outing?  Great news!  If you’re insuring a hole-in-one contest, Million Dollar Shoot-out, or putting contest, you don’t have to exclude them from participating and/or possibly winning the insured prize that’s at stake!

That’s right: Hole In One International will happily insure any/all Club Professionals in your event!  Sure, they’re a little more costly to insure (3x the price of 1 amateur golfer, to be exact) given their skill level; however, when you take the odds into consideration, it makes perfect sense.

Did you know that the odds of an amateur golfer making a hole-in-one are roughly 13,600 to 1, while for professional golfers, those odds are lessened all the way down to 2,500 to 1!

Give your Club Professionals (and even Tournament Professionals!) a chance to win big with a single swing (or putt), compliments of Hole In One International… call us today at 800-827-2249 for a free, no-obligation quote and/or more information!  You can also email us at any time or even go online and obtain a quote, as well as bind your coverage!

Best of luck with your golf tournament this year!

Get Ready for the U.S. Open!

Olympic Club The United States Open Championship (U.S. Open) begins soon (June 11th-17th, to be exact) and will be held at the Olympic Club’s Lake Course in San Francisco, California this year. Hole In One International is anxiously awaiting to see which one of the amazing 156 worldwide golfers will go home with the renowned trophy this year.  Be sure to tune in to NBC or ESPN to watch the excitement for yourself — this isn’t an event you’ll want to miss!

Did you know that the first-ever U.S. Open was played on October 4, 1895, on a nine-hole course at the Newport Country Club in Newport, Rhode Island?  The 36-hole competition played in the span of one day and consisted of ten professionals and one amateur.  The winner was 21-year-old Horace Rawlins from England, who had arrived in the United States in January that year to take up a position at the host club.  His earnings consisted of $150 cash out of a prize fund of $335, plus a $50 gold medal.  His club acquired the Open Championship Cup trophy, which was presented by the USGA.

Who do you think the player(s) to watch this year are?  Let us know by leaving us a comment on any of our social sites: Facebook, Twitter or Google+!

Touring Professionals At Your Golf Tournament

SandtrapJuliInsuring a hole-in-one, million-dollar shootout or putting contest at your golf tournament this season?  Have touring professionals in your event?  Make sure not to exclude them from all the fun — Hole In One International will still allow you to insure them!

The price of one touring professional is approximately 5x the price of one amateur.  When we take a look at the three hole in ones that were made during the 2012 Masters Par 3 Tournament a few months back, it only makes sense that they’d cost a bit more to insure, given their skill level.  Touring professionals are a much higher liability in comparison to an amateur player.  Did you know that the odds of a hole in one for amateurs are 13,000 to 1 while for professionals, it’s only 2,500 to 1?  How’s that for putting things into perspective?

Hole In One International also allows club professionals to participate in any of our insured contests as well.  While not as expensive as a touring professional, they’re still pricier than an amateur — 3x the price, to be exact.  But again, just because they’re in your golf outing doesn’t mean you have to have them sit out while everyone else gets to take a swing (or putt) for some major dough.  Nobody likes being left out … especially when it comes to being able to score a big prize!

Have any other questions about including amateurs, club professionals and/or touring professionals at your golf tournament?  Feel free to give us a call at 800-827-2249 or email us!

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