Duck Race: A Great Golf Fundraising Promotion!

duck raceReady to have a quackin’ good time at your next golf tournament and/or golf event?  Are you a non-profit organization looking to increase fundraising monies to help support your cause?  If the answer is ‘yes’ to either one of those questions, then you’ll definitely want to consider insuring a duck race fundraising promotion… insured by Hole In One International’s sister company, Odds On Promotions!  Allow us to explain how the duck race contest works…

First, you’ll sell as many numbered rubber ducks to your contestants as possible — for a fee, of course!  How much you choose to charge each individual for a duck and/or the allotted number of ducks is strictly up to you.  Participants can either purchase their ducks in person at a designated location or, if your company/organization has a website, you can even sell them online!  Feel free to cut participants an “early bird” deal, where if they purchase before a predetermined registration deadline, they can receive their duck(s) for a cheaper price!

On the day of the duck race, all of the numbered ducks will be dropped into a river and race downstream.  If one of the ducks reaches the finish line first and the number of the contestant’s winning duck happens to match Odds On Promotions‘ preselected number, then that contestant will be a grand prize winner… of any prize value up to $1,000,000 (you make the call as to how much you want to insure the duck race for)!

Want those fundraising dollars to be increased even more?  Feel free to split the value of the insured prize 50/50 between the contestant and your non-profit/charitable organization!  And don’t forget to award your first, second and third place winners with smaller, self-insured auxiliary prizes, regardless of whether or not they end up being an insured grand prize winner.  Don’t let them leave your event empty-handed!

As you can see, a duck race fundraiser is perfect to hold and insure before or after your golf tournament… or even as a stand-alone event!  Feel free to give Odds On Promotions a call at 888-827-2249 for a free, no-obligation quote.  You can also email them with any questions.  Before you do, though… be sure to check out the great duck race fundraiser video below to get an idea as to how the promotion works.


Golf Promotion Ideas For Your Next Golf Event!

Hole In One International

Looking to hold a golf promotion that Hole In One International won’t insure?  No worries — our sister company, Odds On Promotions, is here to help!  Wanting to insure an off-course putting promotion or a golf ball drop?  Whatever the case may be, Odds On can help!  Let’s take a look at a few golf contests, what they entail and how they can benefit your company/organization:

Golf Ball Drop
Nothing screams ‘excitement’ like watching hundreds of golf balls, tennis balls or even ping-pong balls being dropped from a helicopter! Insuring a helicopter golf ball drop is not only as easy as 1-2-3, but also extremely affordable! Ideal for selling sponsorships and generating fundraising dollars, charge your golf tournament participants a specific dollar amount to buy a uniquely numbered ball (or offer discounted prices if they buy multiple!).  Drop them from a helicopter onto a target area — if one of the balls falling closest to the target appears on a list of preselected ball numbers, Odds On will pay for the grand prize!  Not sure how to go about obtaining usage of a helicopter?  Consider teaming up with your local radio/TV station for publicity and borrowing their traffic helicopter in the process!  Or, get creative and use a hot air balloon or cherry-picker.

Off-course Putting Contest
Turn your next convention and/or awards banquet, tradeshow, or company function into a grand prize-winning event with a putting contest!  Select one participant at random (we suggest holding a raffle if you’re looking to fundraise; however, you can narrow down your participants in any fashion you’d like) and bring them back during or after your event to take a single 50 ft. or longer putt for the dough!  For more fun, have your contestant attempt a 3-putt combination!  If the contestant successfully sinks the insured putt(s), Odds On will pay out the specified prize amount!  In need of additional advertising materials?  Odds On offers custom target templates, which feature the insured prize amount, description of the prize to be won and the sponsor’s name/logo! Need a putting ramp for your event?  Odds On has you covered for those too!

A Unique Hole In One Contest…
Surely you’re thinking that a hole-in-one contest can only occur at a golf course: well,  guess again!  Odds On has insured hole in one promotions at a variety of places.  Whether you want to try and score an ace from the top of a building, the balcony of a nearby condo, the top of your retail location or even from a plane or helicopter… again, we’ve got you covered!  The more unique the promotion, the more attention it will gain… so if you’re looking to stand out from the crowd, keep Odds On Promotions in mind!  We can help you come up with a custom-tailored hole in one promotion that’s sure to knock the socks off of your competition.

See any ideas you like?  In need of more?  Contact Odds On Promotions today at 888-827-2249 or send us an email.  One of our promotion specialists would be more than happy to not only provide you with more unique ideas for your next golf event, but a free, no-obligation quote as well on any golf promotion you choose!

Pick ‘Til You Win … At The Golf Course!

Envelopes Looking to hold a contest or promotion at your upcoming fundraising golf tournament?  Looking for something unique…. something other than a hole-in-one or putting contest that will draw players to your event?  Thanks to Hole In One International’s sister company, Odds On Promotions, we’ve got just the promotion for you — a Pick ‘Til You Win lucky envelopes promotion!

Here’s how it works: Advertise up to a $1,000,000 prize and have all of your players enter a qualifier of some sort.  This can be anything from a golf contest (longest drive, straightest drive, closest to the hole, etc.) to a simple raffle.  Using Odds On’s “lucky envelopes”, have your finalists open one envelope at a time, revealing one of the three different prize values.  The first prize selected five times is the one they walk away with… and Odds On will pay for the prize!

Keep in mind: Odds On can also customize your inserts to display golf-related graphics!  For example, when opening up the envelope, instead of merely seeing “$20,000” displayed in black text on the insert, you could have a golf course background and display the prize amount in a golf font comprised of golf balls to make them stand out!  The possibilities are endless.

Give Odds On Promotions a call at 888-827-2249 for a free, no-obligation quote and further information.  Let us know what you’re looking for… or, if you’re not sure, let one of our experienced promotions specialists help you out with some great ideas!  You can also reach Odds On by email as well, if you’d prefer!

Fundraising Activities – pt 2.

Hole In One International

Last week, we went over activities and contests to help you fundraise before your golf event.  This week it’s all about what can take place during and after your event!  Read on for more pointers!

During your event, a great fundraiser to hold is a Par 3 Challenge.  Every golfer loves some good competition – not to mention the chance to show off, which is why this contest is so great.  Have one person bet their team $x that they can get their ball on the green with a single swing.  If they miss, that money will go to charity; if they make it, they can either get their money back, receive a discount at the pro shop… or both!  Another great idea is to have each team on the golf course purchase a Long Drive and have a local Long Drive champion there on the course with them.  Depending on who wins (the player or the ‘champ’), half of the money put into the contest will go to the victor, while the other half goes to charity!  Don’t you just love it when everyone’s a winner?

After your event is the ideal time to hold a Million Dollar Shootout.  Once again, charge players $x to get in on a raffle, draw a random name and have that person try and make a hole in one for a whopping $1,000,000!  After the event is also a great opportunity to hold a silent auction, which can be set up prior to the event.  Be sure to post up sign-up sheets for next year’s event and give players a discount off of the regular rate if they register on the spot… or an additional discount if they pay right there and then!

Looking for more contest ideas to help you fundraise at your next event?  Feel free to call us at 800-827-2249… or email us!  We’d be happy to help!

Fundraising Activities & Contests

Hole In One International

Golf season is finally here!  Looking to help fuel fun and raise funds at your upcoming event?  Then you’re going to love this post.

There are undoubtedly many objectives you’re looking to fulfill this year when it comes to your upcoming fundraising golf tournament.  Raising money for your cause will obviously be your #1 priority.  You’ll definitely want to offer value to your sponsors, attract new players to your organization (and get them to come back next time!), as well as increase overall revenue from players and sponsors alike.  But how do you go about achieving this?

We have one word for you: activities!

All kidding aside, it’s important to have both golf and other fun activities and contests spread throughout your event — before, during, and even, after.

Before your event, it’s a great idea to hold a raffle featuring donated prizes.  These prizes can be anything from free rounds of golf, vacation/travel packages to great golf destinations or even a colossal cash prize!  Just have everyone donate a few bucks to have their name put into the raffle.  It’s a simple, yet effective way of fundraising.  You can also sell a variety of logoed merchandise at the event!  From golf balls, clothing and even customized towels, you’ll be surprised as to just how many people will be interested in purchasing your goods — especially when it’s going to a good cause!  Still not convinced of the value these activities have?  How about holding a qualifying round for an insured putting contest where players can win up to $50,000!  After you’ve qualified your players, bring them back at the end of the event to take a shot (or rather, “putt”) at a great prize!  Feel free to charge your participants $x to enter the qualifier.  Facing time restraints?  Call upon your good friend ‘raffle’ to save the day and make the qualifying process a breeze!  Also, be sure you have any events/contests and sponsors adequately promoted with the help of golf contest signage.

Tune in again next Friday for  more activities and contests that you can run during and after your event!

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