Golf Tournament Insurance

Planning a golf tournament? Have you considered the benefits of golf tournament insurance? Golf tournament insurance is not only an effective way to boost attendance by giving golf tournament participants the chance to win a giant prize, insurance can also help you generate increased publicity and sponsorship and protect you in the event of inclement weather. Here’s a brief review of different kinds of golf tournament insurance and how they can help you to have a better golf event.

Hole In One Golf Tournament Insurance

Hole in one golf tournament insurance gives you the ability to offer your tournament participants the chance to win a life-changing prize. With this type of golf tournament insurance, a sponsor or golf tournament organizer pays a small premium based on the number of players in the tournament and the length of the “target” hole – the hole that is being insured. If a player aces the target hole during the golf event, the golf tournament insurance company pays for the prize.

Golf Tournament Insurance: Putting Contests

Another kind of golf tournament insurance is putting contest insurance. If you have plenty of time to gather your tournament participants together for your contest, a single putt is the best choice because everyone can watch your lucky contestant(s) make one putt for the giant cash prize. However, if your tournament features a shotgun your start, a three-putt combo putting contest will be a better option. The premium on this kind of golf tournament insurance is based on the number of finalists, the length of the putt and the size of the prize you’d like to give away.

Golf Tournament Insurance: Weather Insurance

In addition to putting and hole in one contest insurance, many tournament organizers use weather insurance. This kind of golf tournament insurance protects golf event organizers in the event there is inclement weather on the date of their tournament and is readily available from golf tournament insurance companies such as Hole In One International.

If you are interested in purchasing golf tournament insurance for your next event, Hole In One International can help. In addition to giving you a free, no obligation quote, either online or over the phone, the staff can assist you in selecting the best golf tournament insurance to suit your needs.