$1,000,000 Shoot-out

Running a $1,000,000 shoot-out can be a very effective way to boost attendance and raise funds for your organization. Whether you add a $1,000,000 shoot out to your existing golf event or run one as a stand-alone event, a million dollar shoot-out is a fun way to attract attention and bring added excitement to your next event. However, if you are worried about the risk of offering a million-dollar prize during your shoot-out, you should know that by working with an insured prize promotions company, you’ll be able to offer the million dollars worry-free. That’s because if someone makes an ace during your $1,000,000 shoot-out, the insurance company, not your organization, will pay for the prize.

Different Kinds of $1,000,000 Shoot-Outs

There are essentially two different kinds of $1,000,000 shoot-outs: tournament shoot-outs and fundraising shoot-outs. While a $1,000,000 tournament shoot-out is typically held before or after a golf tournament, a million dollar fundraising shoot-out can be held at any time.

Running a $1,000,000 Tournament Shoot-Out

It is quite simple to run a million-dollar tournament shoot-out. You’ll begin by qualifying up to five players, in any manner you choose – such as holding a raffle or closest to the pin contest – before, during or immediately following your tournament. These five players will become your $1,000,000 shoot out contestants. Working in conjunction with the golf course, select one of the holes adjacent to the clubhouse and create a temporary 165+ yard teeing area. Then, gather your spectators and contestants together. If one of your qualifiers aces the shot, they’ll win the $1,000,000 shoot-out and the insurance company will pay for the prize.

Running a Fundraising $1,000,000 Shoot-Out

Did you know that just about any organization can run a $1,000,000 shoot-out? Because they are easy to organize, a million dollar shoot-out is a great way to generate $50,000 or more for your school, charity, sport team, or nonprofit organization. Working in conjunction with a local high-traffic driving range, you will set up a 125-yard hole with a 3 to 5 foot circle around it. Over a 3-5 day period you’ll raise funds by simply charging $1-$2 per shot in exchange for getting a chance to qualify for the $1,000,000 shoot-out. At the end of the qualification period, you’ll bring all the qualifiers back and give them a chance to shoot for the million dollar prize from 150+ yards away. If they make the shot, the insurance company pays for the prize.

If you’re looking for a great way to add value to your next golf tournament, or if you’re looking for a fresh, fun and exciting fundraising concept, maybe it’s time you considered holding a $1,000,000 shoot-out.