$1,000,000 Putt

Whether it is held before, during or after your golf tournament, a $1,000,000 putt is an effective way to boost visibility and participation as well as, raise money for a good cause. However, golf courses are not the only location where you can run a $1,000,000 putt promotion. You can also use a million dollar putt promotion to boost traffic and sales at trade shows, special events, local shopping malls as well as auto dealerships and other retail locations using a portable putting green.

How $1,000,000 Putts Work

In order to eliminate the risk of paying for the giant cash prize if someone makes a $1,000,000 putt, most tournament organizers and sponsors use Putting Contest Insurance, which makes adding the excitement of a $1,000,000 putt relatively affordable. To insure a $1,000,000 putt the insurance company will need to know how many people will be putting and the length of the putt you wish to insure.

Two Kinds of $1,000,000 Putts

Depending upon your budget, time frame and the number of people that you want to have participate in your $1,000,000 putt, you will need to choose between a million dollar single putt or three-putt combo contest. If you are running a $1,000,000 single putt contest you will qualify between 1 and 5 contestants via a putt-off, closest to the hole contest or fundraising raffle. Your contestants then take a single shot at making the 50-foot or longer putt. If someone makes the $1,000,000 putt, the insurance company then pays for the prize. With the $1,000,000 three-putt combo contest, all of your tournament participants can participate, but the putts get progressively longer until the final $1,000,000 putt.