$1,000,000 Putting Contest

No matter what kind of golf event you are running, a million dollar putting contest makes for a great addition. By giving golf tournament participants the option of participating in a $1,000,000 putting contest before, during or after your event, you not only add excitement but you can raise additional funds and awareness for your cause. If you are interested in adding a $1,000,000 putting contest to your event, here are a few things you will want to keep in mind.

How Can You Afford a $1,000,000 Putting Contest?

While it may initially, sound like a $1,000,000 putting contest would be quite expensive, by taking out $1,000,000 Putting Contest Insurance you can eliminate the worry of paying out the prize if someone sinks your million dollar putt. Typically, when you take out $1,000,000 Putting Contest Insurance you’ll also receive a free putting contest sign as an added benefit. The premium on your million dollar putting contest will be dependent upon how many finalists you have or the number of players participating as well as the length of the putt.

Choosing the Right $1,000,000 Putting Contest

In order to run a successful $1,000,000 putting contest, you will first want to choose the contest that best suits your needs and your tournament structure. For example, if you have plenty of time to gather your tournament participants together for your $1,000,000 putting contest, a single putt is the best choice because everyone can watch your lucky contestant(s) make one putt for the giant cash prize. However, if your tournament features a shotgun start a three-putt combo $1,000,000 putting contest will be a better option.

Insuring a $1,000,000 Putting Contest

If you are considering adding a million dollar putting contest to your event, Hole In One International can help. In addition to giving you a free, no-obligation quote, either online or over the phone, our staff can assist you in selecting the right $1,000,000 putting contest coverage to suit your needs.