Golf Fundraiser

Planning a golf fundraiser? Did you know you can boost attendance and generate increased publicity and sponsorship by adding a hole in one contest, million-dollar shoot-out or putting contest to your golf fundraiser? Hole in one insurance companies, such as Hole In One International, can give you the ability to offer a very large prize, without the risk of payout, which can help you to have a more successful golf fundraiser. While a hole in one or putting contest are easy ways to make your golf tournament an even bigger fundraiser, running a million-dollar shoot-out is a golf fundraiser that you can run as a stand-alone event.

Number One Golf Fundraiser: Golf Tournament Featuring a Hole in One Contest.

By incorporating a hole in one contest into your fundraising golf tournament, you can make it a more effective fundraiser. Not only do hole in one contests help you to attract more attention, they increase attendance by giving participants an additional incentive (such as the chance to win a brand new car, house or giant cash prize) to participate in your golf fundraiser. And, when you have hole in one contest winner, the insurance company pays for the prize.

Another Golf Fundraiser: Putting Contest

Running a fundraising putting contest before, during or after your event, really adds to the excitement of your golf fundraiser. To add a fundraising putting contest you’ll want choose the contest that best suits your tournament structure. A single putt contest is great if you have time to gather all of your participants together because everyone can watch your lucky contestant(s) make a one putt for the giant cash prize. However, if your tournament features a shotgun start a three-putt combo contest will be a better option. If one of your putting contest participants makes the lucky putt(s), the insurance company pays for the prize.

Stand-Alone Golf Fundraiser: Golf Shoot-Out

Looking for an innovative golf fundraiser? Easy to organize, a shoot-out can generate up to $50,000 or more, for your school, charity, sport team, or nonprofit organization. Working in conjunction with a local high-traffic driving range, you will set up a 125-yard hole with a 3 to 5 foot circle around it. Over a 3-5 day period you’ll raise funds by simply charging $1-$2 per shot in exchange for getting a chance to qualify. The qualifiers return at the end of the qualification period and get a chance to shoot for big prize from 150+ yards away. If they make the shot, the insurance company pays for the prize.