Colorado NonProfit Holds $10K Putting Contest

Non-profit in Colorado gives players at 6th annual golf tournament a chance to win $10K, paid for by Hole In One International, for breaking a 3×3 pane of glass.

If the idea of giving your tournament participants the chance to make an unusual golf shot for the chance to win huge prize interests you, then Hole In One International’s sister company, Odds On Promotions can help.

Odds On specializes in both on and off-course hole-in-one and putting contests that feature unusual targets and non-traditional settings… such as hitting a pane of glass, sinking a putt at a basketball tournament, holding a putting contest at a trade show or expo, or making a hole in one from a roof of a hotel, or taking aim at target placed on a football or baseball field.

Check out this Drain the Putt contest.

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