Make a Hole In One, Win Your Weight In ____.

Looking for some unconventional hole in one prize ideas for your next golf tournament?  Look no further — we have a great story on one and a few unique suggestions for you!

Have you heard about pro golfer Elliot Saltman?  Saltman, who scored an ace during the second round at the Madrid Masters on Friday, October 7th, won a unique hole in one prize that day… his body weight in ham!  According to the European Tour Media Guide, Saltman weighs an estimated 235 pounds.  (That’s 235 lbs. of ham – wow!)  Cured and salted ham is considered a delicacy in Spanish culture and the jamón ibérico ham he won is valued at approximately $52/pound!  That means Saltman’s ham prize was worth $12,220!

Here are some other great weight-based hole in one prize ideas you can use:

1.)  Your weight in silver
Sure, the ability to boast and brag about your hole in one is a prize in itself, but imagine living your life in luxury should you ace a prize hole and win your weight in silver!  And by using websites such as, you’ll have the ability to hold on to all of that silver and monitor the cost until it peaks — then cash in on your newfound riches, should you choose to do so!

2.)  Your weight in canned goods to donate
For all you humanitarians out there, this one’s for you! There’s nothing quite like the gift of giving.  Make a hole in one, score enough canned goods to feed hundreds of families!  Did you know that a small can of soup weighs approximately 10.5 ounces?  If you weigh 150 pounds, that’s about 229 cans you’ll be able to donate!

3.)  Your weight in sporting goods
If you play the game of golf, then chances are you’re a sports fan in general.  Which is why giving away an individual’s weight in sporting goods would be a great choice for an offbeat hole in one prize!  Golf clubs, soccer balls, footwear, camping gear… the possibilities are endless!  Make a hole in one, score all types of sporting loot!

Whether you’re looking for more great hole in one prizes ideas or if you’d like a quote based upon any of the above, feel free to give us a call and we’ll get you a free, no-obligation quote!  All we need is the number of players in your event, the yardage of the hole you plan on using and of course… the value of the prize!  Call us today at 800-827-2249 or email us!

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