Putting Contest Insurance Pays Off for Lucky Golfer

Modesto, Calif. – Imagine making a 50-foot putt and hearing a crowd of spectators go wild, but not knowing you just scored a giant prize. Now imagine what your response would be when you found out you were taking home $10,000 along with bragging rights. That’s what putting contest insurance can do!

putting contest insurance winner

Mark S. of California putted his way to $10,000, courtesy of Spring Creek Golf and Country Club, and paid for by Hole In One International, after he nailed an impressive 50-foot putt surrounded by a gallery of fellow golfers.

Mark S., who has participated in this invitational putting contest for a few years, had no idea what was on the line when he made his epic putt. And, while it’s safe to say some of the crowd may have known, Mark’s response when he found out is both unforgettable and entirely understandable.

Watch his incredible putt, listen to the crowd, and then imagine what it would be like to give your tournament participants the chance to win a trip to the Masters, a brand new car or truck, or even, a million bucks knowing Hole In One International will be there to write the check when you have a big winner.

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Better Fundraising is in the Cards…

Reno, Nev. – Do your golf tournament participants also love to play poker? You’re not alone! Many golf tournaments feature a few rounds of poker as part of the event. This year, why not up the ante (and raise a bit more dough) by incorporating a giant-prize poker promotion into the mix. Hole In One International’s sister company, Odds On Promotions, offers dozens of fun and rewarding poker-themed promotions that can be incorporated into your next golf fundraiser. Here are two tried and true performers:

Lucky Hand Poker Run – Imagine a Poker Run with golf carts. With Lucky Hand Poker Run, your tournament participants ante up a few extra bucks in exchange for getting to select a playing card at a series of designated holes during your event. At the end of the tournament, players enter their “hand” into Odds On’s Lucky Hand Poker Run verification machine. If their hand matches the preselected winning hand, they’ll take home the pot, and Odds On will pick up the tab. Bonus: The machine ranks all the hands and ranks them according to value, so awarding consolation prizes at your awards banquet is a snap.

Million Dollar Deal – Imagine giving any participant in your tournament, the chance to win $5000, $10,000 or even $1,000,000 at your awards banquet. With Million Dollar Deal Poker, your lucky contestant selects from 20 playing cards, sealed in Lucky Envelopes, in hopes of getting a Royal Flush and winning the Grand Prize, courtesy of Odds On! Make this one a true win/win by having the winnings split between the grand prize winner and your organization.

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