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Decisions, decisions, decisions!  Those of you who have purchased a putting contest insurance quote with us before know that there are a variety of variables you can play around with in order to get the price you want. You know, increase the length of the putt and offer a bigger prize or decrease your prize value and include more participants.

Luckily, Hole In One International’s online putting contest insurance quoting system allows you to customize a putting contest to your own specifications.  Want to learn how?  Watch this quick video tutorial on how to quote out a putting contest through our website.

Did you know: With all of our online quotes, you’re always able to save them into our database and come back to them at a later time.  This specifically comes in handy if you haven’t yet gathered all of the information you need or if you don’t have access to a credit card at the time.

The Putting Contest: Another Fundraising Opportunity

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Looking for another great contest to add to your charity golf event? It’s easy to run a fundraising putting contest before, during or after your event!

As with the golf shootout and hole in one contest, a putting contest represents another opportunity to sell additional sponsorships and raise more money. You can also collect additional donations from tournament participants to participate in your putting contest, particularly if it’s for major prize, such as a new car or $50,000!

Hole In One International insures both single putt (50 ft. or longer) and combination putt-putting contests (10 ft –> 30 ft –> 50+ ft).  Don’t want to leave your contestants empty-handed if they can’t successfully hole the first two putts of the combination putting contest?  Throw in a small prize such as a sleeve of golf balls and/or a t-shirt on behalf of your organization!

Get a free, no-obligation quote for a putting contest today!

Colorado NonProfit Holds $10K Putting Contest

Non-profit in Colorado gives players at 6th annual golf tournament a chance to win $10K, paid for by Hole In One International, for breaking a 3×3 pane of glass.

If the idea of giving your tournament participants the chance to make an unusual golf shot for the chance to win huge prize interests you, then Hole In One International’s sister company, Odds On Promotions can help.

Odds On specializes in both on and off-course hole-in-one and putting contests that feature unusual targets and non-traditional settings… such as hitting a pane of glass, sinking a putt at a basketball tournament, holding a putting contest at a trade show or expo, or making a hole in one from a roof of a hotel, or taking aim at target placed on a football or baseball field.

Check out this Drain the Putt contest.

Want to learn more? Email or give us a all today.

Thinking About Running A Putting Contest?

Have you or your golf event committee every considered running a putting contest but weren’t exactly sure where to start?  Hole In One International can help!

Used extensively by golf tournament organizers as well as corporate and special event sponsors, putting contests, featuring large insured prizes, can help you generate greater publicity, increase attendance, and add excitement to your next tournament or fundraising special event. Even better, you can run a putting contest indoors or out.

Depending on your budget, the amount of time to you have available, and the format of your event, you can select from either a single-putt putting contest or the three-putt combination putting contest. And, as is the case with hole in one insurance, the cost of your putting contest insurance coverage will vary based upon the length of the putt, the number of people who will be putting and the size of the prize you would like to insure.

You can read more about how putting contest insurance works or give Hole In One International a call today to speak with one of our putting contest coverage specialists.

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