Duck Race: A Great Golf Fundraising Promotion!

duck raceReady to have a quackin’ good time at your next golf tournament and/or golf event?  Are you a non-profit organization looking to increase fundraising monies to help support your cause?  If the answer is ‘yes’ to either one of those questions, then you’ll definitely want to consider insuring a duck race fundraising promotion… insured by Hole In One International’s sister company, Odds On Promotions!  Allow us to explain how the duck race contest works…

First, you’ll sell as many numbered rubber ducks to your contestants as possible — for a fee, of course!  How much you choose to charge each individual for a duck and/or the allotted number of ducks is strictly up to you.  Participants can either purchase their ducks in person at a designated location or, if your company/organization has a website, you can even sell them online!  Feel free to cut participants an “early bird” deal, where if they purchase before a predetermined registration deadline, they can receive their duck(s) for a cheaper price!

On the day of the duck race, all of the numbered ducks will be dropped into a river and race downstream.  If one of the ducks reaches the finish line first and the number of the contestant’s winning duck happens to match Odds On Promotions‘ preselected number, then that contestant will be a grand prize winner… of any prize value up to $1,000,000 (you make the call as to how much you want to insure the duck race for)!

Want those fundraising dollars to be increased even more?  Feel free to split the value of the insured prize 50/50 between the contestant and your non-profit/charitable organization!  And don’t forget to award your first, second and third place winners with smaller, self-insured auxiliary prizes, regardless of whether or not they end up being an insured grand prize winner.  Don’t let them leave your event empty-handed!

As you can see, a duck race fundraiser is perfect to hold and insure before or after your golf tournament… or even as a stand-alone event!  Feel free to give Odds On Promotions a call at 888-827-2249 for a free, no-obligation quote.  You can also email them with any questions.  Before you do, though… be sure to check out the great duck race fundraiser video below to get an idea as to how the promotion works.


Top 3 Summer Fundraisers

Hole In One International

Looking to add something to your golf tournament this year?  Wanting to raise some much needed money for your cause this summer in the process?  You’re in luck!  Hole In One International has just released their Top 3 Summer Fundraisers to help you achieve your desired fundraising goals!  Let’s take a look:

1.  Golf Ball Drop
A golf ball drop can either be used as a standalone event or as an add-on to your golf tournament, either before or after your outing.   Here’s how it works:

  • Generate funds by selling numbered balls.  How much you plan to charge is strictly up to you!
  • Once you’ve sold the balls, all of them are then dropped from a helicopter or cherry picker above a target.
  • If one of the balls closest to that target is on a  pre-selected list of lucky balls, then Hole In One’s sister company, Odds On Promotions, will pick up the tab!

2.  Poker Run
Hop on your car, boat or motorcycle this summer and you could potentially cruise your way into some serious dough!   Just “buy in” by following these easy steps:

  • Design your own course with 5 different stops in which your contestants must travel to.
  • Have each contestant stop at each location and select a card.
  • At the end of the contest, each contestant enters their assigned contestant number and highest 5-card hand into our touch screen verification unit.  If they have the preselected lucky hand, we write a check for the prize!


3.  Duck Race
Sell more ducks and raise more bucks with a duck race promotion.  If the preselected duck crosses the finish line first, then we’ll pay out the prize!  It’s as easy as 1-2-3:

  • Choose an amazing prize (cash, vehicles, houses or anything up to $1,000,000 in value) and sell your ducks.
  • Before your event, we’ll select a group of Lucky Ducks.
  • If one of those ducks crosses the finish line first, the owner will win your amazing prize, and Odds On will pay for it.

Already purchasing prize insurance through another company?  Give us a call today at 888-827-2249 or email us – we guarantee to save you and your sponsors money!

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