Man Wins Chevy Cruze, Tournament Raises $50,000

ScorkSignKailua Kona, Hawaii – This March a lucky golfer found his very own pot of gold at the Hokuli’a Golf Club during the 9th Annual Luck of the Irish Golf Tournament.

On his second hole of the day, Ken Schork, president of El Monte RV, hit a hole-in-one on the 193 yard Hole 13 winning himself a brand new Chevrolet Cruze, courtesy of De Luze Chevrolet and paid for by Hole In One International. According to Schork, whose mother was originally from Ireland, “I guess the luck of the Irish really was with me.”

SchorkandcarWhile Schork was delighted to win a new set of wheels, his wasn’t the only big prize insured by Hole In One International at this Hawaii Island United Way fundraiser this year. Tournament participants also had a shot at winning $10,000 – $5,000 for the United Way and $5,000 for the ace maker in a “50/50” hole in one contest if they could ace the Par 3 11Hole.

According to Dana Downing, Organizational Support with HIUW, the tournament raised an estimated $50,000 that will be used to support various organizations on the island such as the American Red Cross Disaster Relief.  “We have been working with Hole In One International for several years now insuring this “50/50″ hole in one contest at this tournament as well as one during the Mayor’s Cup tournament in July. Hole In One International’s customer service is excellent.”

Interested in adding a 50/50 hole in one contest to your tournament? Swing by our website or give us a call at 800-827-2249.

Top 3 Summer Fundraisers

Looking to add something to your golf tournament this year?  Wanting to raise some much needed money for your cause this summer in the process?  You’re in luck!  Hole In One International has just released their Top 3 Summer Fundraisers to help you achieve your desired fundraising goals!  Let’s take a look:

1.  Golf Ball Drop
A golf ball drop can either be used as a standalone event or as an add-on to your golf tournament, either before or after your outing.   Here’s how it works:

  • Generate funds by selling numbered balls.  How much you plan to charge is strictly up to you!
  • Once you’ve sold the balls, all of them are then dropped from a helicopter or cherry picker above a target.
  • If one of the balls closest to that target is on a  pre-selected list of lucky balls, then Hole In One’s sister company, Odds On Promotions, will pick up the tab!

2.  Poker Run
Hop on your car, boat or motorcycle this summer and you could potentially cruise your way into some serious dough!   Just “buy in” by following these easy steps:

  • Design your own course with 5 different stops in which your contestants must travel to.
  • Have each contestant stop at each location and select a card.
  • At the end of the contest, each contestant enters their assigned contestant number and highest 5-card hand into our touch screen verification unit.  If they have the preselected lucky hand, we write a check for the prize!


3.  Duck Race
Sell more ducks and raise more bucks with a duck race promotion.  If the preselected duck crosses the finish line first, then we’ll pay out the prize!  It’s as easy as 1-2-3:

  • Choose an amazing prize (cash, vehicles, houses or anything up to $1,000,000 in value) and sell your ducks.
  • Before your event, we’ll select a group of Lucky Ducks.
  • If one of those ducks crosses the finish line first, the owner will win your amazing prize, and Odds On will pay for it.

Already purchasing prize insurance through another company?  Give us a call today at 888-827-2249 or email us – we guarantee to save you and your sponsors money!

Get an Instant Online Putting Contest Insurance Quote

Decisions, decisions, decisions!  Those of you who have purchased a putting contest insurance quote with us before know that there are a variety of variables you can play around with in order to get the price you want. You know, increase the length of the putt and offer a bigger prize or decrease your prize value and include more participants.

Luckily, Hole In One International’s online putting contest insurance quoting system allows you to customize a putting contest to your own specifications.  Want to learn how?  Watch this quick video tutorial on how to quote out a putting contest through our website.

Did you know: With all of our online quotes, you’re always able to save them into our database and come back to them at a later time.  This specifically comes in handy if you haven’t yet gathered all of the information you need or if you don’t have access to a credit card at the time.

How-to: Million Dollar Shootout Insurance (Video)

You’ve already watched our first video on the basics of shootout insurance… now we’ve released the second part which focuses on the most popular Million Dollar Shootout!  What it is, how to fundraise with it, how pricing works, how to fill out the necessary paperwork… we’ve covered it all for you in this engaging how-to video.  Check it out, then give us a call at 800-827-2249 to learn more about how you can insure a million dollar prize at your next event!

Get an Instant Online Golf Shootout Insurance Quote

Want to hold a shootout contest before or after your golf tournament?  Purchasing golf shootout insurance has never been easier.  With Hole In One International’s online quoting system, you’re just minutes away from giving a selected few lucky players the opportunity to win up to $1,000,000!

Simply enter in the information online.  We’ll need to know the name of the event, the golf course it will be played at, the date, hole number, yardage, number of players and the value of the prize you’d like to insure.

Please note: while most golf shootout coverage can be purchased online,  if you’d like to insure a prize worth more than $250,000, Hole In One International’s online quoting system will prompt you to call and speak to one of our representatives directly.

Watch this quick how-to on how to purchase shootout insurance through our website today!

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