Golf Tournament Ideas: Here’s One – Hire the Pro!

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Looking for golf tournament ideas for your next outing?  Here’s a great one, especially for non-profit organizations and/or charity golf events: a “Hire the Pro” golf contest!  Hole In One International is here to explain how the contest works, as well as how it can help you increase those valuable fundraising dollars!

Once you have chosen the golf course, golf club or country club where your golf tournament will be taking place, coordinate with the staff to provide you with one of their on-site Club Professionals who is willing to be stationed at the longest/most challenging hole on the golf course.  It’s important to make sure that this particular Club Pro is skilled at making long drives.

Next, while players are playing the course and happen to come across the designated ‘Club Pro’ hole, have your players decide whether or not they would like the Club Pro to take their shot for them (just make sure to choose a hole where no insured hole in one contest or Million Dollar Shootout will be taking place; otherwise, those policies will become void).  Players will be charged a dollar amount of your choice, depending on the size of your golf tournament and the charity (if applicable)’s needs, if they decide that they would prefer the Club Pro to take the shot for them.

If the player’s team could benefit from shaving some points off of their score, a drive taken by a professional might come in handy and be worth the $X for the advantage.  Furthermore, if they see that the other teams are utilizing the Club Pro, the pressure will be on, likely resulting in the decision to pay up for the Club Pro’s shot.  Not to mention if the money’s going towards a good cause, that’s also an added incentive!

Do the math: If you have a full field of 144 players and every single one of them decides to pay $30 for the Club Professional to take the shot for them, that’d be an automatic $4,320 raised towards you and/or your sponsor’s cause!  Don’t want to use the contest as a fundraiser?  No problem!  Take that money and deduct it from the other costs of your golf tournament (food and beverage, golf goodie bags, cost of utilizing the course, etc.) and you’ll find that you’ve ended up paying a whole lot less for the outing!

Are you a big-named company with cash to spare or a renown celebrity golf tournament?  Up the ante tenfold by hiring a Touring Professional to take the shot instead and feel free to charge more!  Use these golf tournament ideas and utilize the ‘pro’ factor in any way, shape or form you can think of to maximize profits!

Looking for more golf tournament ideas?  Contact Hole In One International today at 800-827-2249 or email us for more pointers!  Good luck and be sure to let us know if you end up implementing this particular golf contest — we’d love to hear about it!  Just post to our Facebook page if you’re a fan or send us a Tweet!

Auxiliary Fundraising Contests

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You’re no newbie when it comes to organizing your golf tournament(s).  You’re all about keeping it fresh and exciting (and having the upper hand on your competition) when it comes to fundraising… which is why you’re probably giving some serious thought as to what kinds of contests you want to incorporate during your next event.

Providing auxiliary fundraising golf contests at your golf tournament offers a variety of benefits.  There’s the potential to not only exceed your fundraising goals, but also generate excitement amongst your tournament players, which will make them more likely to register for your next tournament. The additional contests also provide added value to all of your sponsors via additional sponsor signs.

Whether it’s a raffle, silent auction, closest to the pin, longest/straightest drive contest or otherwise, you have the ability to charge participants/teams as little or as much money as you want for participating, depending on the size of your company or organization.

For example: if each team is charged $30 to participate in a longest drive contest and you have a full field of 144 players, that’s 36 foursomes (36 x 30 = $1,080).  Which means you just raised over a thousand dollars for your cause just by implementing one single contest into your golf tournament.  Not exactly a figure to sneeze at, is it?

Interested in incorporating hole in one coverage into your fundraising efforts?  Hole In One International recommends holding a Million Dollar Shoot-out.  Simply narrow down your players by having some sort of qualifying round, or simply hold a raffle and charge each individual $X to potentially have their name drawn to try and make a hole in one on a par 3 that’s at least 135 yards in length for $1,000,000.  When a million dollar figure is mentioned, chances are that players won’t have any problem dropping money on a chance to win that prize… especially when the money is being contributed towards a good cause!

For more contest and game ideas to incorporate into your next golf tournament, or for a quote on our Million Dollar Shootout coverage, feel free to call us at 800-827-2249 and speak to a contest consultant.  You can also email us with any questions or comments!



The Longest Drive Contest: A Sponsorship Sales Opportunity

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The Longest Drive Contest
Most golfers participating in your charity golf tournament will be familiar with the concept of a longest drive contest.

As the name implies, the goal of a longest drive contest is to hit the longest and straightest drive where the ball comes to rest in the fairway.  The golf course that is hosting your charity golf tournament can provide you with a marker to track the distance of the longest drive in order to identify your winners.  You should plan on having one contest for men and another for women. And of course, you’ll want to select holes that are fairly straight and long.

Proper advertisement is an integral part of any successful golf outing, so it’s no wonder that a longest drive contest represents an added opportunity for raising money via sign and sponsorship sales.

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