Interview with an Ace-Making Mercedes Winner

Surely you all remember our lucky hole in one winner, Janice Campbell.  If you’ve forgotten (or in case you simply haven’t heard), Campbell won a $45,000 Mercedes-Benz C300 at the Patty Sheehan & Friends LPGA tournament in Reno earlier this month.  Good news: we now have interview footage to share with you all!  We hope you’ll all enjoy this video, in which Campbell shares her story about her about her amazing ace!

Hole In One Insurance Pays Porsche Lease

Hole In One Insurance Winner - DeKeyserTraverse City, Mich. – There’s no question about it, having hole in one insurance pays big dividends during any golf event, especially tournaments featuring professional athletes like hockey players.

For example, congratulations go out to Hole In One International’s latest winner, Detroit Red Wings defenseman Danny DeKeyser. DeKeyser recently won a 2-year lease on a 2018 Porsche Boxster, valued at nearly $37,000, courtesy of Porsche of Motor City, and paid for by Hole In One International.

DeKeyser won the 2-year lease after he aced the par 3 155-yard 17th hole on The Bear Course at the Grand Traverse Resort and Spa, during the team’s 19th Annual Detroit Red Wings Training Camp Classic.

According to DeKeyser, who describes himself as an “OK golfer”, he was aiming directly at the stick and thought he had a pretty good shot. Turns out the ball landed about 12 feet behind the hole and started spinning back towards the cup. This was DeKeyser’s first hole in one. As luck would have it, this was not DeKeyser’s only winning shot of the day. He also took home a brand-new driver after he won a long-drive competition.

Looking to add some excitement to your next team, company or fundraising golf outing? Email or give Hole In One International a call today at 800-827-2249.

Man Goes Golfing, Ends Up On the Nightly News

Hole In One International

Hershey, Neb. — While it wasn’t Josh Bode’s first hole in one, the ace he made the weekend before the Hershey Fall Festival is liable to be the one he’s most remembered for making. That’s because Bode not only won $10,000, he also made the nightly news.

This August, during the Hershey Lions Club Golf Tournament, Bode aced the 147-yard Hole 5 at the Oregon Trail Golf Course in Sutherland with a 5-iron, winning himself $10,000, courtesy of the Hershey Agency, and paid for by Hole In One International.

According to Vern Ehlers, Manager of The Hershey Agency, who insured the big-ticket prize, the tournament takes place each year before the town’s Fall Festival and is one of a few key fundraisers for the Hershey Lions Club which raises about $20,000 annually.

“We’re a small town of 600-800 people, and this is one of our community’s two big golf events, which we’ve been sponsoring for about 10 or so years now. I’ve sort of thought of it as a $195 sign that helps support the community. I never expected anyone to actually have a hole in one,” explained Ehlers who has already ordered a “Happy Gilmore” check to present to Bode.

Elhers continued, “Hole In One International has been awesome to work with. It takes what, maybe 2 – 3 minutes to set up the quote and maybe a total of five to ten minutes and you’re done. It’s just easy. And the claim process was easy too. Everyone was just great to work with.”

As for Bode, he’s just savoring his latest ace, “I’m not actually a good golfer. It was pretty lucky.”

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