Combination Putting Contest Leads to $30K

Combination Putting Contest Winner - Mark HamerCombination Putting Contest Leads to 30K Prize
Hole In One International Picks up the Tab

Peoria, Ariz. – Congratulations to Mark Hamer, who won $30,000 in May, courtesy of the Peoria Chamber of Commerce, and paid for by Hole In One International.

Hamer won the big cash reward after he successfully holed a 10, 30 and 50-foot combination putt during the Peoria Chamber’s $10 Million Dollar Shootout Golf Classic which took place at the Trilogy Golf Club at Vistancia.

While this was the first year the Chamber offered the giant-prize putting contest, tournament organizers are no strangers to insured prizes. This tournament, which is the primary fundraiser supporting Peoria Chamber’s business and community programs, also features a golf shoot-out where ten randomly selected golfers get a chance to shoot for $1 million dollars from a special tee set on the 18th fairway.

Want to give everyone who plays in your next golf event the chance to putt for an amazing prize? Hole In One International can help! For more information on creating a putting promotion that will help you sell more sponsorships, showcase your brand, or raise more money for your cause, visit our website or give us a call today at 800-827-2249.

Whether you’re looking for hole in one insurance, a million dollar shootout, a single-putt putting contest, or a combination putting contest such as this one, Hole In One International has a golf contest for you!

What It Sounds Like When You Sink A 50-Foot Putt… and win $10,000

Central Point, Ore. — Have you ever wondered what it would sound like if you nailed a 50-foot putt in front of a crowd of golfers?

Dominic Rosacci knows. He recently sank one during the 2nd Annual Guru Open at Eagle Point Golf Club, winning himself $10,000, courtesy of the tournament sponsor Guru Ink, and paid for by Hole In One International.

The Guru Open featured two $10,000 putting contests. The first was a 3-putt combination contest which was open to all tournament players. The second, which Rosacci won, was a single-putt contest for two lucky finalists whose names were drawn via raffle.

According to Rosacci, who was using a borrowed putter, “I thought, ‘No way this is going to happen.'”

“With all the pressure, I thought I was going to chunk it into the ground and the ball would go about 3 feet. I was pretty shocked at how it played out,” continued Rosacci.

The Guru Open, which is organized by Guru Ink in Medford, raised $10,000 for Kids Unlimited.

Want to hear the roar of a crowd? Check out Rosacci’s amazing putt, then give Hole In One International a call at 800-827-2249 about incorporating a giant prize putting contest to your next golf tournament, tradeshow or sports event.

Putting Contests: Single Putt vs. Combination Putt

Hole In One International

Did you know that Hole In One International has two different types of putting contests available for you to insure?  We’re here to explain the benefits of both of them, the differences between them and how they both work!

Single-Putt Putting Contests
Single-putt putting contests are designed for a small number of players (we suggest anywhere from 1-5, depending on your budget) who are pre-selected and/or pre-qualified.  The most common method of narrowing down players is a simple raffle; however, feel free to hold the longest drive, straightest drive or any other type of pre-qualifier!  Once you’ve determined who the contestants of your putting contest will be, have them take a 50-foot or longer putt either before or after your golf tournament for the chance to win big, up to $50,000!  In need of some unique prize ideas?  Be sure to check out some of the prize packages we have available!  And if you want the prize value to be above our $50,000 limit, our sister company, Odds On Promotions, can definitely make that happen!  Single-putt putting contests come with a complimentary putting sign which advertises your sponsor’s name as well as the prize to be won — just make sure you send in your Free Putting Sign Order Form (if the paperwork is emailed, faxed or mailed to you) or purchase your putting contest insurance online at least 10 calendar days prior to your event!

Combination Putt Putting Contests
Don’t want to exclude any of your golf tournament players from getting in on the fun?  Then this format’s for you!  Have all of your players begin with a 10-foot putt.  Those who successfully hole the 10-foot putt will move on to a 30-foot putt.  Those who hole the 30-foot putt will then move on to a final 50-foot or longer putt for the grand prize.  If they hole the final 50 ft.+, they’ll win the insured prize — once again, up to $50,000!  Not only do combination puts-putting contests come with a complimentary putting sign, but also a FREE tee prize for each and every one of your players!  Remember: quotes for prize values above $50,000 should be directed to our sister company, Odds On Promotions.  Combination putting contests can also be purchased online via our website.  Just be sure to specify that it’s a combination putt format when you’re creating your quote!

Have any other questions?  Feel free to give one of our contest consultants a call at 800-827-2249 or email us!

Putting Contest Winner Receives $10,000 in Combination Putting Contest

putting contest - winnerWickatunk, N.J. – Congratulations to Shane Boyce of Freehold who recently won $10,000, courtesy of Collier Youth Services, and paid for by Hole In One International.

Boyce won the $10,000 prize during a combination putting contest, which took place on the Eagle Oaks Golf and Country Club practice green at the turn during the 18th annual Collier Golf Classic.

To participate, players donated $20 each, or paid $60 per foursome, receiving a sleeve of balls and a shot at the big bucks. All contestants then got the chance to make a 10-foot putt. If they holed the 10-footer, they were entered into a bonus prize drawing for a golf bag and moved on to make a 30-foot putt. If they successfully holed the 30-footer, they would advance to the 50-footer and a chance to win the giant prize.

While two players qualified for the giant-prize 50-foot putt, it was Boyce who aced the uphill shot, scoring the $10,000 cash prize!

The golf outing raised over $61,000 to support at-risk youth involved in the programs at Collier Youth Services, a social service agency whose mission is to provide at-risk youth a chance to grow toward their potential in an environment that promotes belonging, dignity and hope. This was the 28-year-old Boyce’s first putting contest win.

Are you ready to raise more money with a putting contest while giving your tournament participants the chance to score amazing prizes? Email, visit our website, or give us a call today at 800-827-2249.

Golf Contest Worth $25K Insured at Golf Academy

golf contest - putting contestLooking for a golf contest that will give your clients and customers something to talk about?  Then you’ll love this putting contest story, which comes to us from a golf academy in the West, who teamed up with a local sports bar in order to achieve a few key sales and marketing objectives for both companies.  The golf promotion itself was insured by Hole In One International’s sister company, Odds On Promotions!

Prior to the promotional date, individuals who visited a local sports bar during Monday Night Football games received a raffle ticket.  At the end of the promotional period, 16 individuals were chosen via raffle to participate in the insured golf contest held at the golf academy: a 3-putt-combination putting contest, insured by Odds On.

Each finalist had the opportunity to make a 10, 30 and 43-foot putt; however, it was a process of elimination.  Those who made the 10-foot putt proceeded to the 30-foot putt.  Those who holed the 30-foot putt proceed on to the final 43-foot putt.  All 3 putts had to be successfully completed in order for a finalist to win the insured prize — $25,000, paid for by Odds On Promotions.

While unfortunately, no one was able to hole all 3 putts, there were some close calls and both companies — the golf academy and the sports bar — were able to better advertise their businesses.

Looking for a golf contest of your own?  Good news: you don’t have to be a golf course in order to insure one!  Whether it’s at your retail location, a sports game or otherwise, we can insure it!  For putting contests, be sure to inquire about our putting ramps!  Give Odds On Promotions a call today at 888-827-2249 or email them for a free, no-obligation quote!

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