Lee Trevino and The Masters…

LeeTrevino“When it comes to the game of life, I figure I’ve played the whole course.”  — Lee Trevino

There’s no doubt about it…  there are quite a few pro golfers out there who have “deserved” to win The Masters over the years, but for one reason or another, haven’t quite met the mark.

One of the professional golfers who first comes to our minds here at Hole In One International is Lee ‘Buck’ Trevino.

Trevino, the self-taught Mexican-American golf icon, made quite a name for himself during his career.  With his Vardon Trophy win, 2 PGAs; 29 PGA Tour wins, 2 Open Championships and 2 US Opens (just to name a few of his major accomplishments), his skill — while unique and not quite ‘par for the course’ — goes unquestioned.

Having had the chance to play at Augusta National, it’s a wonder why he never won The Masters since the beginning of his professional career in 1967.  Not even being struck by lightning at the 1975 Western Open and having a major spinal disk surgery stopped this man from going on to achieve many more victories during his professional career.

It’s because of these reasons (and many more) that we here at Hole In One International feel that Trevino is one of the greatest golfers never to win The Masters.

And chances are that we’re not alone in feeling that way.  What do you think?

Who, in your opinion, should have won a past Masters — or still has a chance at winning one — yet hasn’t?

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Augusta National: Home of The Masters!

MastersBridgeAugustaIt’s that time again already… can you believe it?  That’s right – The 2012 Masters began this week!  Augusta National, which has been the home of The Masters for 78 years now, is full of interesting facts that you’ve likely never known about!  Continue reading to find out more about this beautiful, renown golf course.

  1. There are several types of sandwiches sold at The Masters, but did you know that the pimento cheese sandwich is the most famous?  It’s a Masters tradition!
  2. The infamous “Big Oak Tree” is on the golf course side of the Clubhouse and was planted during the 1850’s.
  3. Available for amateurs wishing to be housed there during the Masters Tournament, the Crow’s Nest provides living space for up to five individuals.
  4. Augusta National will play at approximately 7.435 yards during The Masters this year.
  5. The Clubhouse at Augusta National was originally constructed in 1854 as a private residence — wow!  Could you imagine living there?
  6. Looking to take some snapshots?  Unfortunately, any type of camera is prohibited unless it’s during the practice rounds of The Masters.
  7. Augusta National has approximately 300 members at any given time and membership is by invitation only.
  8. There are several cabins scattered throughout Augusta National, one of which is named Eisenhower Cabin.  This is due to the fact that it was built for the President and First Lady so that they’d have a place to stay during their trips to Augusta National.
  9. Augusta National accepted its first African-American member in the year 1990.
  10. Unlike most other golf courses in the U.S., Augusta National has never been rated!  During the 1990 Masters Tournament, it was given an unofficial rating of 76.2 by USGA raters.

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Counting Down to the Masters

Hole In One International

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P.S. Did you know?  This year The Masters will be available to view in 3-D.  WOW.


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