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The Putting Contest: Another Fundraising Opportunity

Looking for another great contest to add to your charity golf event? It’s easy to run a fundraising putting contest before, during or after your event!

As with the golf shootout and hole in one contest, a putting contest represents another opportunity to sell additional sponsorships and raise more money. You can also collect additional donations from tournament participants to participate in your putting contest, particularly if it’s for major prize, such as a new car or $50,000!

Hole In One International insures both single putt (50 ft. or longer) and combination putt-putting contests (10 ft –> 30 ft –> 50+ ft).  Don’t want to leave your contestants empty-handed if they can’t successfully hole the first two putts of the combination putting contest?  Throw in a small prize such as a sleeve of golf balls and/or a t-shirt on behalf of your organization!

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The Hole In One Contest

The Hole In One Contest
A hole in one contest is by far the most popular charity golf tournament contest.  Held on a par three, a hole in one contest rewards anyone making a hole-in-one with a prize. Hole in one prizes can be anything from big screen televisions or sets of clubs to new automobiles or a substantial cash prizes.

While some charity golf tournament organizers have local businesses donate prizes, if you want your event to stand out, insuring a spectacular, attention-grabbing prize with a hole in one insurance company, such as Hole In One International, has multiple benefits. Not only will the big prize – such as the chance to win $10,000, $100,000 or even $1,000,000, attract attention, you can raise additional money by selling a hole-in-one sponsorship package.

Hole In One International is happy to help you select the right hole-in-one package to suit your sponsor as well as your budget.

How to Raise More Money at Your Golf Tournament

Golf Contests: A Great Way To Raise More for Your Cause
Adding a contest to your charity golf fundraiser is an effective way to make your golf event more exciting and enjoyable. More importantly, it’s a fantastic way to raise additional money for your nonprofit organization. That’s because every golf contest represents an opportunity to sell additional golf tournament sponsorships as well as golf sponsor signs. There are many varieties of golf contests, which can easily be incorporated into your charity golf fundraiser during the course of play. Over the next week, we’ll be taking a look at a number of golf contests that can be added to your event, starting with one of our favorites: a golf shootout.

The Golf Shootout
A golf shootout is a fantastic addition to any charity golf tournament. A golf shootout typically takes place on the 9th or 18th fairway at the conclusion of tournament play. This golf contest usually involves one to four golfers, who are selected via a drawing or raffle or chosen through a closest to the pin contest. In a shootout, your participants will take their best shot at making a hole-in-one for a much larger prize, typically $1,000,000, which is insured by a hole in one insurance company. Not only does a golf shootout provide another opportunity for increasing your sponsorship sales, it’s a great way to gather your golf tournament participants together after golfing and before your dinner/awards ceremony. What’s more, a million dollar shootout is typically a “media magnet” that will help you generate increased visibility and PR for your charity golf event.

Hole In One Insurance Makes Charities Richer

Normal, Ill. Meet Randy Mahring of Peoria, Ill. (Yeah, he’s the guy holding the golf ball).  Randy won $10,000, paid for by Hole In One International, after he aced the 200-yard Hole 9 at the El Paso Golf Club during the Bill Wolf Scholarship Golf Outing.

According to Mike McGrew with the Van Gundy Insurance Agency who worked with Hole In One International to insure the hole in one contest, “Some great charities have became the recipients of Randy’s good fortune that day… he donated $2,000 to the Bill Wolf Scholarship, $1,000 to the Susan G. Komen Foundation, and $1,000 to the St. Jude Children’s Hospital.”

The Bill Wolf Scholarship Fund benefits students of the El Paso-Gridley High School. The fund awards two $1,000 scholarships (1 male and 1 female recipient) each year. This year’s 92-person event raised $6,600 for a total of over $20,000 in four years.

This was Mahring’s first hole in one. Ready to give your tournament participants the chance to win big prizes?  Visit our free hole in one insurance online quoting system today to get started planning your hole in one contest.

Michael Sines Wins $5,000!

Enterprise, Ala. – Meet another one of Hole In One International’s big winners: Michael Sines of Enterprise.


Sines won $5,000, courtesy of Becky Hancock Realty, and paid for by Hole In One International after he aced the 165-yard, Blue Course, Hole 3 at the Silver Wings Golf Course at Fort Rucker during the Army Aviation Association of America (AAAA) Golf Tournament. It was Sines’ first hole in one.

While this year’s tournament took place on April Fool’s Day, this fundraiser is no joking matter. This year 216 players participated in the tournament, whose sole purpose is to award scholarships for AAAA members and their families.

According to Tournament Director Denise Aylesworth, $35,000 in sponsorships were collected for the AAAA scholarship
fund this year.

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