How-to: Million Dollar Shootout Insurance (Video)

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You’ve already watched our first video on the basics of shootout insurance… now we’ve released the second part which focuses on the most popular Million Dollar Shootout!  What it is, how to fundraise with it, how pricing works, how to fill out the necessary paperwork… we’ve covered it all for you in this engaging how-to video.  Check it out, then give us a call at 800-827-2249 to learn more about how you can insure a million dollar prize at your next event!

Get an Instant Online Golf Shootout Insurance Quote

Hole In One International

Want to hold a shootout contest before or after your golf tournament?  Purchasing golf shootout insurance has never been easier.  With Hole In One International’s online quoting system, you’re just minutes away from giving a selected few lucky players the opportunity to win up to $1,000,000!

Simply enter in the information online.  We’ll need to know the name of the event, the golf course it will be played at, the date, hole number, yardage, number of players and the value of the prize you’d like to insure.

Please note: while most golf shootout coverage can be purchased online,  if you’d like to insure a prize worth more than $250,000, Hole In One International’s online quoting system will prompt you to call and speak to one of our representatives directly.

Watch this quick how-to on how to purchase shootout insurance through our website today!

Buy Golf Tournament Sponsor Signs Online In Minutes

Hole In One International

Is your tournament date nearing?  Did you forget to purchase golf tournament sponsor signs for the event?  Don’t panic!  Hole In One International is here to show you how to order your signs online through our website in just a few easy steps.

The best part?  There’s absolutely no paperwork required!  So long as you have a Visa, Mastercard or American Express card on hand, this process is completely paperless!

Watch this brief video tutorial and we’ll show you how it’s done.  Rest assured, you’ll wish you had known about this earlier!

Get an Instant Hole In One Insurance Quote… Online!

Hole In One International

Chances are you’ve called and spoken to Hole In One International on the phone to get a hole in one quote… but did you know you can also get an instant online hole in one insurance quote?

“Many clients don’t realize that you’re not only able to obtain a hole in one quote through our website, but pay for it and even order your free signage as well”, says Kristen Hansen, Social Media Marketing Assistant with Hole In One International. “Going this route avoids the unnecessary hassle of having to manually fill out paperwork that we would normally require if you didn’t purchase the insurance online. By using Hole In One International’s online quoting system, you’re killing 3 birds with one stone.”

It really is that easy. Don’t believe us? Watch this 5-minute video tutorial and see for yourself!

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