Get Ready for the U.S. Open!

Olympic Club The United States Open Championship (U.S. Open) begins soon (June 11th-17th, to be exact) and will be held at the Olympic Club’s Lake Course in San Francisco, California this year. Hole In One International is anxiously awaiting to see which one of the amazing 156 worldwide golfers will go home with the renowned trophy this year.  Be sure to tune in to NBC or ESPN to watch the excitement for yourself — this isn’t an event you’ll want to miss!

Did you know that the first-ever U.S. Open was played on October 4, 1895, on a nine-hole course at the Newport Country Club in Newport, Rhode Island?  The 36-hole competition played in the span of one day and consisted of ten professionals and one amateur.  The winner was 21-year-old Horace Rawlins from England, who had arrived in the United States in January that year to take up a position at the host club.  His earnings consisted of $150 cash out of a prize fund of $335, plus a $50 gold medal.  His club acquired the Open Championship Cup trophy, which was presented by the USGA.

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Tomorrow’s the Day … The Players Championship!


Hole In One International is officially counting down to The Players Championship which begins tomorrow, May 10th and continues on until the 13th.  The Championship will feature a $9,500,000 purse — $1,710,000 of which is the winning share.  This year, the featured charities will consist of Wolfson’s Children Hospital, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF), National MS Society and the 26.2 with Donna Foundation.

The Players Championship offers the highest prize fund of any golf tournament and is sometimes even referred to as the “Fifth Major,” despite the fact that it does not have official major status.

Last year’s winner, K.J. Choi of South Korea, finished the Championship with a score of 275.  $200,000 of his earnings were donated towards tornado relief.

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Bonus Trivia Question: Who are the five men that have won The Players Championship more than once through the year 2011?  The first person to post the answer to any of our social accounts above will receive 10% off their next hole-in-one or putting contest insurance purchase with Hole In One International!

Insuring A Hole In One In Mexico

Mexican Flag image¿Vive usted en México? (Do you live in Mexico?)  Great news: you can still insure your next hole-in-one, million-dollar shootout and/or putting contest through Hole In One International!  That’s because we provide insurance in any English or Spanish-speaking country!

Just be sure to properly advertise your prize value on your complimentary golf signage when you purchase your policy with us!  Since all of our prizes are paid out in USD, it’s important to make sure your ‘jugadores’ (players) know the exact amount they’ll be winning!  While you’re free to advertise your prize value in USD (e.g. “$10,000 USD”), you can also make it easier for everyone and advertise the same prize value in pesos (e.g. “127,274 MXN” -or- “127,274 pesos”), so long as it’s an accurate conversion.

That’s right — all of our signs are able to be shipped to Mexico!  Just contact our shipping department for pricing details!

Have any other questions about holding a hole in one contest, putting contest, or million-dollar shootout contest in Mexico?  Have questions about international shipping fees?  Feel free to give us a call at 800-827-2249 or send us an email.  We’d be happy to answer all of your questions!

¡Buena suerte!

Bringing The Golfing Community Together … With Chili.

Chili “Chili?”, you’re asking.  That’s right — chili.  On April 14, Gahanna, Ohio area golfers will gather at Gahanna Municipal Golf Course for their annual “Chili Bowl”, which will feature family games, activities, raffles and prizes for all attendees.   According to this article, golfers of all ages and skill levels will be invited for a round of golf and to taste a “hole” lot of chili.

That’s because local area restaurants and business sponsors will all be bringing their own chili to the event, which each and every attendee will be able to sample (rain or shine) … all for a nominal fee of $5/person!

According to Greg Ledbetter, recreation coordinator for the golf course, “Our goal is to let people see the fine golf course we have in our community.  We would like to increase membership and the number of people we have coming out to play.”

Here at Hole In One International, we just think it’s a darn clever way to kick off the season!

Steal this idea and hold your own variation of Gahanna’s “Chili Bowl” to attract a crowd, generate excitement and increase awareness of your restaurant/business!  Have each restaurant/business sponsor a hole on the golf course (hint: Hole In One International’s sponsor signs are perfect for this type of occasion!)

The possibilities are endless.  Are you a restauraunt that serves hot wings?  Hold your own Annual “WingDing!”  Show off your tasty hot dogs at “Duffers and Dogs.”  Seafood restaurants may want people to try their fish recipes at “Fish on the Fairway.”

Get the picture?  We sure do… and it looks delicious!

Lee Trevino and The Masters…

LeeTrevino“When it comes to the game of life, I figure I’ve played the whole course.”  — Lee Trevino

There’s no doubt about it…  there are quite a few pro golfers out there who have “deserved” to win The Masters over the years, but for one reason or another, haven’t quite met the mark.

One of the professional golfers who first comes to our minds here at Hole In One International is Lee ‘Buck’ Trevino.

Trevino, the self-taught Mexican-American golf icon, made quite a name for himself during his career.  With his Vardon Trophy win, 2 PGAs; 29 PGA Tour wins, 2 Open Championships and 2 US Opens (just to name a few of his major accomplishments), his skill — while unique and not quite ‘par for the course’ — goes unquestioned.

Having had the chance to play at Augusta National, it’s a wonder why he never won The Masters since the beginning of his professional career in 1967.  Not even being struck by lightning at the 1975 Western Open and having a major spinal disk surgery stopped this man from going on to achieve many more victories during his professional career.

It’s because of these reasons (and many more) that we here at Hole In One International feel that Trevino is one of the greatest golfers never to win The Masters.

And chances are that we’re not alone in feeling that way.  What do you think?

Who, in your opinion, should have won a past Masters — or still has a chance at winning one — yet hasn’t?

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