Annual Top Ten Dream Hole In One Prizes

Want your golf tournament to stand out from the crowd?  One of the easiest ways to grab headlines and create a buzz is to give your tournament participants the chance win a life-changing prize in a hole in one contest, putting contest or million-dollar shoot-out!

While getting a quote and insuring a prize is a quick as a click, dreaming up eye- and imagination-capturing prizes can really be a challenge.   And that’s why we’ve created the “Dream Prize” list … a  collection of the most unusual “quote requests” we’ve seen during the previous year along with a few ideas that we think hole in one contest sponsors  (and tournament participants) are going to love.    How creative can you and your sponsors get this season?
What kinds of prizes will motivate your tournament participants to donate just a few dollars more? How creative can you and your sponsors get this season? Have a suggestion for dream prize? We’d love to hear from you …

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Hole In One International’s  Top Ten Hole In One Dream Prize List For 2012

1 . A Golf Bag Full of Gold
 Give your tournament players the chance to strike it rich by winning a “golf bag full of gold” (approximately 20-25 pounds of gold, a $650,000 value).   Not sure gold is in the budget?  Silver could work just as well!

2.  Fantasy Sports Package
Here’s a prize sure to grab the attention of any sports fan!  This prize package includes a session at a fantasy camp, “pre-season” or “Spring Training” tickets, season tickets to all home games, plus free satellite or cable for a year so your winner never misses a game!

3. Corvette & Cash
Muscle up a few more donations when you give shootout participants the chance to score a 2012 Corvette Z06 plus an all-expense paid trip for two to the Corvette manufacturing plant in Bowling Green, Kentucky.  (Approximate prize value $100,000)

4. Rock & Roll Fantasy
Who wouldnt love to say, “I’m with the band” ? Give your hole in one contest winner and their signifigant other the a chance to go “on tour” with their favorite band with a cash prize which covers airfare, accommodations, and concert tickets for 3-5 performances.

5. Wine & Dine Weekend
Award your ace maker (and 9 of his or her closest friends) with a weekend in Napa Valley complete with winery tours, lodging, meals, spa treatments, airfare, and of course, limousine service.

6. Power, Guns & Money Weekend!
 Think of this one as “The Hangover” without the booze!  This all-expense paid weekend for 4 in Vegas includes airfare, luxury accommodations, a 90-minute visit to the “Dig This” Bulldozer/Excavator Experience for 4, a Ferrari Dream Racing Experience for 4, a trip to the Mob Museum, and $4,000-5,000 in spending cash.

7. The Ultimate European Vacation
 London. Paris. Rome. Madrid. Where else will your winner go? The  Ultimate European Vacation prize will give your winner enough cash to visit 4-5 countries of their choice including meals, accomodations and airfare for four!

8. The Backyard BBQ Experience
Yard Crashers meets Food Network in this incredible prize package where the winner will receive a complete backyard makeover, attend a certified KCBS judging class, and score steaks for a year. (BBQ Grill, Lawn Mower and Tools are definitely included!)

9. Tanker Truck of Free Fuel
With gas prices nearing $5 a gallon, here’s a prize that’s sure to pique some interest and will definitely come in handy … free fuel. Whether you opt for the full tanker or just free fuel for a year, this one is sure to get the crowd talking!

10. $50K 50/50 Split
Here’s a wonderful way to reward your shoot-out, hole in-one or putting contest winner while benefiting their favorite charity – or your organization… a 50/50 split prize. In a 50/50 split,   half of the prize is awarded to charity and the other is awarded to the winner.

Have any other prize ideas of your own? Give Hole In One International a call at 800-827-2249 and we’ll give you a free, no-obligation quote!  Feel free to also share your own ideas on our Facebook, Twitter, and/or Google+ pages!